Thread: FFXIII Broken on PC, how to report?

FFXIII Broken on PC, how to report?

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    Unhappy FFXIII Broken on PC, how to report?

    Playing this on steam using a PC noticed in battles the Character named "Snow" has a jacket that magically changes to have this super cool wolf design on the back, then after the battle it vanishes? Whats up with that and how do we report this as a bug or how do we enable the totally fun wolf jacket?

    Is there a tech support section for this game? Is this game still supported or has support been terminated making this title abandonware which might be the case since there is nowhere to report bugs? Hope its not abandonware, really like this game but some things are so weird and broken like we cant even quit the game??? Loving the game so hope square can show us who really want to like the FF series some love back. First Final Fantasy game ever played on PC and its making the series look bad if we cant even quit the game...
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