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Thread: Life is Strange Sacrifice Self Fanmade Ending (Audio Only)

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    Life is Strange Sacrifice Self Fanmade Ending (Audio Only)

    As many of you all know, one of the most commonly theorized fan endings for Life is Strange, is a "Sacrifice Self" ending: An ending where Max ends up getting shot instead of Chloe.

    This project is my own take on this ending. I used raw audio files from the game itself to put together this ending.
    THIS IS AN AUDIO ONLY PROJECT! Reason being is that I do not have skills to animate models or to develop scenes in Unreal Engine software...However, if someone wants to take up the visual portion of this project,
    Please message me via my fanpage!

    I would love to see this scene rendered in UE4 or other 3D software!!
    MP3 file is in the video description for download!
    I realize it's not perfect, even far from it, but feedback is more than welcome!! Oh and word of may want to grab some tissues because this is full of feels! :'(

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    Wow. I'm impressed, mate. This was very nicely done.

    I hope that someone would be willing to make scenes of this. I would, but I'm clueless on how to do that.

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    Anyone can make this ending for me: same as SAB but warren is in the street, and chloé hit him with full gas! and both max and chloé laugh and then leave AB.

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