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Theory about the Seer.

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    Theory about the Seer.

    This pertains to the Seer from Blood Omen 2 and is a possible theory as to her nature and origin. I understand the devs speculated on saying she is a hybrid, born between an Ancient Vampire and Hylden in the time before the war.

    The alternate theory I'd like to suggest is that she is all that remains of a species that came before the hylden, vampires, and human; and this species is the source from which all the other three species emerged. The humans emerged from the lower casts that were held as slaves by the vampires & hylden; and the ancient vampires & hylden emerged from the higher casts that developed after becoming divided over ideologies, sciences, and magics.
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    Back before it was announced that more lore posts were planned, I'd speculated on the Seer being the Matriarch of the Islands, having survived into Nosgoth's era and salvaged BO2-era Sarafan armor (I.E. the auric skins) to aid the humans in their fight, motive being a general distaste for genocide (same reason for aiding Kain before).

    It's an irrelevant idea now with canon lore for the Matriarch character but that motivation for overall balance between the races would have fit well with this idea of her being the progenitor of the three sapient species in Nosgoth.

    It is an intriguing idea but she was confirmed to be Hylden of some kind. Though, I suppose since that's not been put explicit into a game yet, they could always alter her background still. Introduction of a whole new race would be interesting...Whole new era to explore too!

    It occurred to me once upon a time that, rather than a hybrid, she might be a Hylden to whom vampirism was gifted for some reason. Perhaps she fell in line with the Ancients and they gave the gift to spare her from the Binding. I'd once considered if it might've been Vorador that did this as the exact timing of his turning isn't very clear - as he was turned as a reward/incentive to forge the Reaver rather than survival insurance, it might have been done sometime prior to the Binding and subsequent blood curse. Or he may have swayed a proper Ancient to do it if he'd built a rapport with the witch.
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