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Thread: Theory about the Seer.

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    Theory about the Seer.

    This pertains to the Seer from Blood Omen 2 and is a possible theory as to her nature and origin. I understand the devs speculated on saying she is a hybrid, born between an Ancient Vampire and Hylden in the time before the war.

    The alternate theory I'd like to suggest is that she is all that remains of a species that came before the hylden, vampires, and human; and this species is the source from which all the other three species emerged. The humans emerged from the lower casts that were held as slaves by the vampires & hylden; and the ancient vampire & hylden emerged from the higher casts that developed after becoming divided over ideologies, sciences, sorceries.
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    I always believed that she was a hylden infected by vampirism. But sure your theory is as valid as any other, and an interesting one.
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    hey in Dark Crystal they did some soul splitting of one species into two, and that movie is one of the inspirations for the series. So Seer is like a cro-magnon of Nosgoth, you say. Okay. She does seem to benefit from being a hybrid with psychic abilities unlocked, as if Elder split the species apart because they were too powerful with their abilities joined in one species, too much of a godlike threat. To me personally that doesn't feel like the revelation they meant to drop on us in BO2. Seers are usually more about the future than the past. There was some deep truth revealed by her existence though, something about the potential direction things could go in. Or maybe she just represents the path not taken?

    one fanfic had an impressive explanation for her. I forget the exact specifics (sorry). But basically Vorador owed her a huge favor because she'd saved him (maybe she was responsible for how Vorador looked a bit different from other vampires.... like he'd gotten some hylden DNA / emergency blood transfusion that sort of steered his dark evolution into being a green skin. So when the war came and the hylden were being kicked off the planet she called in the favor he owed her, and he changed her into a vampire hylden so she'd be safe from the "banishment sweeps" that were sucking all other hyldens into those hell portals. It was like a secret arrangement between them that would have gotten Vorador into trouble back when there were still any vamps left to be outraged by this scandal.

    My favorite theory is there was an underground railroad during the great war, a competent faction made up of the sane members of both species. They saved some hylden like her who were important to the work of fighting the true enemy while everybody else was trapped into the warring fate Elder had woven for them.

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