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Thread: [Official TR10 Praise & Thanks Thread] Man... ROTTR was such a joy to play through

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    [Official TR10 Praise & Thanks Thread] Man... ROTTR was such a joy to play through

    As someone who's previous favourite entry in the franchise was Tomb Raider II (1998), it has just been replaced with this amazingly well made title. It's worth buying an Xbox One for.

    Beautiful visuals, excellent pacing with the perfect balance of exploration, action, stealth (if desired), difficulty, and puzzle solving. Thankfully the multiplayer side has been ditched and replaced with simple time trials/score comparison amongst friends. You can also pick up friends backpacks across the game where they have died and receive gold.

    I obtained every achievement in the game and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. No walkthrough needed, no missable achievements, and around 40+ hours worth of content.

    I strongly recommend this title if you need a change of pace from Fallout 4 and if Star Wars Battlefront left you disappointed. This is personally my favourite game to have been released in the last couple of years. I bought this game digitally on the Xbox One and have rebought it on the 360 so that I could 1000G it again, along with the artbook.

    Good job Crystal Dynamics!

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    Good to hear you liked the game a lot, segagamer!

    If you don't mind, we'll turn this into an official praise thread where we'll merge other new threads similar to this into, so that we have a one-stop place for them | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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