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Thread: Twitch Plays Lara Croft GO

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    Twitch Plays Lara Croft GO

    Here's a little exclusive for you guys before the press release goes out: Twitch Plays Lara Croft GO is live!

    Ever wished you could play a massively multiplayer version of Lara Croft GO on your computer? Well now you can!

    Twitch Plays is a simple concept: viewers type commands in the chat that the game interprets as input. Hundreds of players can participate at the same as they try to complete the game. Lara Croft GO as a turn-based game lent itself to this concept and we’re now challenging the community to complete the game in order to reveal what is next for Lara Croft GO…

    All the instructions to make Lara move and even change her outfit are in the description of our Twitch channel to make it easy on you. We really hope you’ll be joining in this great social experiment!

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    This is actually incredibly cool, and I encourage everyone to check it out if you get the chance. Would love to see this continue streaming as an ongoing interactive experience. I'd love to play the new levels this way.

    Square have actually hooked up a running copy of LCGO to the Twitch chat. You type commands into the Twitch chat in order to make Lara move. Very awesome.

    The only thing is that I would decrease the delay between commands and execution. My understanding is that it's running on a timer, so the delay is intentional.


    Type "vase" to uncover any vase on screen!


    Type "vote" and then one of these:


    Deus Ex

    Just Cause


    Core Classic

    Bomber Jacket

    Area 51




    Midas Lara

    Angel of Darkness
    Nicolas, how does the outfit changing work? I watched for a while a few times but I always miss the outfit changing Does it change when a certain number of votes are reached, or does it change on a timer and then the highest votes gets it? What if two of the outfits are tied?
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