Thread: FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2 What's your take?

FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2 What's your take?

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    FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2 What's your take?

    Is it worth the money? I haven't played any previous version of this game. What you guys would suggest?

    I don't mean any offense to the game or the company. Just need sincere advice. Thanks everyone! =)

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    I wouldn't recommend playing XIII-2 without finishing XIII. The game starts right after XIII ends (actually 3 years after, but it explains what happens right after XIII's ending).

    If you insist on playing XIII-2 without XIII, I would highly suggest reading all of the story summaries of XIII available in XIII-2 main menu before starting to play XIII-2. It will give you a good idea about the story.

    I noticed that some people who liked XIII don't like XIII-2, while others think it is much better than XIII. Personally I think it is better gameplay-wise, but not story-wise. Actually, I found it to be the most fun entry in the Lightning trilogy.

    The main differences from XIII is that XIII-2 is all about time travelling. The area designs are definitely better than XIII's (which had mostly corridors). The battle system is improved a bit, it has a bunch of new features. There is also monster catching so your 3rd character in the party is the caught monster of your choice. It has a lot of puzzles. There are also many quests and varied, unlike the first where the quests are given very late and only about fighting specific monsters.

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    It is totally worth getting this game.