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Thread: Could someone please help?! I'm finally stuck... *spoilers*

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    Could someone please help?! I'm finally stuck... *spoilers*

    So I'm on story objective 'rising tide' or at the 'Greek Fire Depot' camp
    I have the atlas and I'm trying to escape.
    I need to knock down the statue by blowing up all three supports to it. I've done the first two sides, but for the life of me can't figure out how to get the barrel to the back of the statue to blow up the last support.
    Could anyone please tell me how? It's driving me mad

    Thanks in advance!

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    Oh god! I have the same problem!!! I can't finish the level because the explosive don't work. The statue is in fire but the structure don't want to break and she doesn't want to fall. I am very very sad cause of this big bug. How can I progress and finish the game? Please square Enix save me I don't want to try again all the game. Because I have 5 maps to 100% and I take many time for this.... can you do ├* upgrade of the game for this big bug? Thx so much to read me.
    Ps: I am ├* french player!

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    Workaround: Reload the checkpoint, or use the Backup Save function (push the 2 buttons in same time in the menu loading)

    Work for me
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    It takes three greek fire barrels. One is a freebie; for the second you have to use two barrels to level the crane and cut the rope to push one over the platform; and for the last one you have to drop one to explode the barricade on the water, then drop a second barrel and attach a rope arrow to it while it's being dragged along the river, so it doesn't explode upon contacting the fire on the tree roots. Cut the rope once it's in proper position and you're golden.

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