Thread: why is the game rated M?!

why is the game rated M?!

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    why is the game rated M?!

    i played the original psp import, yes the game is more mature, darker, grittier than the other entries to the FF series, but all the violence is done off camera or uses a far away view when there is violence so you cannot see the details. the screen goes dark and we hear the chocobo cry out when it is shot! there really isnt a need for the game to be rated M at all! i really think that game companies need to just release games how they were originally intended, instead of bowing to the ESRB all the time!

    look at comic books, at a certain point in time, thanks to the comics put out such as Tales from the Crypt, there was a need for a comic rating system, which eventually was done away with cuz the comic writers stopped caring and put out their stuff anyways!

    i feel that any game that are on a gaming system in japan, whether handheld or console, is safe for the public, as there is no explisit hentai type games on it, though there are several that imply it, and that is what makes the games magic, in my opinion, the fact that dungeon travelers 2 had to be censored, the fact that type-0 is rated M is complete BS!

    i am looking at my copy of the psp game right now, it says the game is rated C, and then says 15 below with some Japanese characters, and on the back it shows the violence symbol with the hand w/ the knife in it, and next to it is the male/female symbol indicating that there are relationships in the game as well. the fact that is says 15, i assume means it is recommended for players ages 15 and up, so this game should be rated T, not M!
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    The M rating may or may not fit it. But it was certainly shocking seeing a child gunned down & blood spraying. They could've easily cut that out of the game, but it goes to show just how the developers wanted this game to be..a mature FF.

    I'm hoping they don't hold back with the FF7 Remake...

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    that is the kind of thing you see in the ff12 opening movie though. all violence happens off screen or from afar.

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    on a side note, I Am Setsuna just got released and was given a rating for E for Everyone, yet the game lists: fantasy violence, mild language, alcohol references which have gotten other games with the same things listed as rated T for Teen, there is also the fact that the story seems to handle a similar set of circumstances as FF10 did with being about "sacrifice".