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Thread: Members Photos

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    Cool Members Photos

    Ok people, let's do it! ...AGAIN.

    Post your photos, don't be shy!

    This is moi:

    People are walking upside down here in the Southern Hemisphere... but then again it could be the people from the Northen Hemisphere who are walking upside down...

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    if you people really want to know how I look like...
    here's the link...
    but be ready....
    don't say I didn't warn you...

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    Apr 2002
    If you wish to post the image of yourself here, please feel free, however, to keep this thread from becoming overbearing in its capacity, I will periodically delete out all extraneous posts posts that do not contain images or images that are not of any forum member.


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    signature imagesignature imagesignature imagesignature image
    "Doomsday device?...I suppose I could part with one and still be feared..."
    Skusting's deviantArt gallery <-updated with regularity regularly!

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    Big Grin

    My pic is in my sig, i don't have any 'normal' ones on my computer LOL You look kewl DEEKMAN!!!

    Mwuhahaha all i need now is Lucozade!!!

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    Big Grin

    That's me...
    Heiress, Explorer, Adventurer...
    ...that is
    ^Check me and my TR pics out^

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    Here's me!

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    DEEK I like the pirat one better.

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    I still need a pic of me

    TombRaiderChick try one of these, register, upload your pic, but rename it to .txt so you can post it here (for small sig-size pics)
    signature image
    did you really think that it was over? / my journal

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    Big Grin Me

    Ok here I am

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    thanks a bunch!

    heres me!

    hopefully this pic works

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    Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
    im guessin the pic didnt work
    *hint: rename the pick to jessa.txt instead of jessa.gif*

    BTW you do look older since the last pic i saw you.

    [sarcastic]Moose are you sure you couldn't find a smaller pic?[/sarcastic]

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    i can only b jpg or gif.

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    I can't see the picture, I can't see the picture *stamps feet* Why can't I see the picture of TombRaiderChik?????

    (oh I get it, it's not working) *goes and stands in the corner* *facing the wall*
    It can't rain all the time...

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    Jun 2002
    Oh yeah, thanks *m*

    cool picture TombRaiderChik
    It can't rain all the time...

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    Arrow My passport photo...

    ...taken yesterday :

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    Big Grin what no evil smile?

    as I said in the other thread "What El Diablo? No evil laugh? No evil smile? Am I missing something here??? lol "
    signature image
    did you really think that it was over? / my journal

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    Jul 2002
    You probably have saw this on the Community Chat board before:

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    Is it just me or does Tomb Raider chick look like a tripod?

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    there u go ajdave

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    i'm D&G boy 2k3 and 4 you might have seen me on bags and shtuff. This was scanned in from italian vouge. here's the big scanned version it's really crappy quality and i look deformed so i'll try to get a better scan soon.
    "I think therefore I am" in otherwords believe in yourself and anything is possible.

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    too bad the link doesnt work

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    Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
    too bad the link doesnt work
    It does!

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    well it doesnt for me. i wanna see ajdaves pic!! lol

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