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Thread: [Xbox 360] Dead animals travel through barriers (fences)

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    [Xbox 360] Dead animals travel through barriers (fences)

    When killing an deer with the climbing axe near the fence above the river (close to the quest giver) the deer slid down the small slope and passed through the fence, falling into the water below.

    Platform: XBox360
    Location: Siberia, Mill (hub)
    Severity: Minor (lost resources)

    Process: (as used when bug occurred)
    1. Injure a deer with an arrow
    2. Chased it until it reached the fence line above the water
    3. Cornered it and hit it with the climbing axe

    Deer died and feel through the fence, into the water below

    Deer died and rested against fence
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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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