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    Hey all, after reading this article that got me dreaming:

    I decided to send a message to the SquareEnix team and make a thread on the FF9 forum about the possibility of these games being remastered and ported to the PS3/PS4. I have been a very big fan of the early final fantasy titles and I just can't see why while fans are screaming for 7,8 and 9 to be remastered, Square-Enix just doesn't enlighten us on the possibilities of that happening. I would rather pay for a finished remastered edition of these games rather than trying unfinished, fan-made mods (not that they don't do a good job!) and emulator settings and plug-ins!
    In hope that all of you who like me, would love to see their favourite games reworked, join in on this thread and at least we'll be able to show Square-Enix that a LOT of people are willing to pay for these remastered versions.

    Here is the message I sent them:

    Hi. I would like to know if there is any way to ask open questions to the SquareEnix staff or creators/designers/team. Is there a public place where we can communicate with SquareEnix admins through FAQ/blogs?

    My letter would be the following:

    Dear SquareEnix, I would really much appreciate it if you could answer some questions that a countless Final Fantasy fans, old and new, keep asking and never get answered. I am personally a huge fan of the Final Fantasy Series since I was a kid, in 1998, and I continue to support your company and games in all the ways imaginable.
    Can you please tell us if you are considering making REMASTERED editions of the earlier final fantasy titles of the PSX era (e.g. FF8 and 9). Forums are full of fans screaming for this to happen and I am absolutely sure that it will be beneficial for you as well (the games already exist after all, all we would want to see are HD remasters).
    Why do we have to struggle with emulated versions, fan made mods and incomplete plug-ins when all of us are willing to PAY to play a finished remastered versions published by the original company?
    Looking at the bigger picture -besides the commercial aspect of this request, these MASTERPIECES of gaming history will remain on the shelf and won't be played and remembered by the newer generations if you guys don't try to port them to PC/PS4 with remastered graphics and animations.
    This is a post that went viral amongst FF9 fans some time ago, the comment section is filled by requests for this to be released some way:

    There are countless other examples of forums, sites, articles and discussions filled with fans talking about how much they would love to see remastered (not remade) Final Fantasy titles.

    Please consider our request (and enlighten us on this subject) and give us the ultimate gift for being your loyal fans for over 20 years.

    Thank you,

    A fan.


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    This letter is well-written and communicates what I believe all we fans are wishing for. I really hope they direct you to the proper channel to submit it. Speaking personally though, Final Fantasy IX holds a special place in my heart even among the other great titles in the series, and nothing would make me happier than to see it and the other PS1 games join X and X-2 in receiving a Remastered/HD treatment.

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    Right? I feel that some of these games really define what a JRPG should be, and they also all have strong stories, with deep meanings, unlike most of the games of our era (although I really enjoy many of the games that are being published right now). If only we could get a petition going from some big youtube channel, so that if there are indeed so many people wishing for HD remasters, Square Enix knows it and at least the idea is heard and received.

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    This deserves it 100%. Lemme know where to sign, I would love this.

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    So after some talking with Dark Pixel (YouTuber), Jake Rowell (the artist that created FFIX art) and the Square Enix support team I'd like to ask all of you guys to follow this link:…
    and send a message saying how much you would like to see a FFIX Remaster coming to the PS4/PC. They all agree that this is the best way to influence their decision and has worked many times in the past (e.g.Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower in North America)