A week ago I didn't know/heard of LIS (even if I love game like those).

I went through EP1 to 5 in like a week and it was a delicious experience.

Good points : Consistent storyline, not too much "blabla", great characters, nice choices opportunity, very good "playability" (handling, bugs, etc).

What I liked "less" : The ending (not driven by my choices) and in particular ... THE WEATHER things (snow, dead animals, moon & tornado).

Seriously, in all of the great storyline, the basics are quite "right" :

- Max is able to travel through time, her power is depicted through "rules" (not too much at a time, nosebleed, focusing on an old picture, etc)

- Behaviours of characters are really "explainable" (being drugged, ill, sadness, forgiveness, etc)

... but seriously, the weather things are really "out of place" for me. There's no reason for it to occur and it "scribbles" the story since apparently it's Max's fault and because of Chloe, the two main protagonists who drives the story.

Too bad, since as a result, the ending "has to be violent" (I even considered Max jumping off the cliff) for no "explainable" reason.

Anyway don't get me wrong, LIS was pure gold to me. Just felt like this had to be said.