Thread: Changes to Nosgoth I'd like to see

Changes to Nosgoth I'd like to see

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    Changes to Nosgoth I'd like to see

    So, having played a lot of Nosgoth, talked with a lot of people, and being rather active within its community, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on how to improve Nosgoth. I will go over a couple of things, some known, some lesser known, so either add your voice in the comments, or come up with your own ideas you'd like to see changed!

    -Change the way puncture works

    This one has been thought of, specifically to get rid of the entire 'Senti is OP' BS that has been going around.
    The way I would like this ability to be changed, is that it has to become a charge-up attack. Kinda the way melee currently works.
    To be specific: You take about 3 seconds to charge up your puncture. During charge up, you are locked in position, but can change the direction of the puncture (aka, 'aim' with it). After these 3 seconds, your puncture is at full power, causing you to dash forward (and ONLY forward, so no turning during movement). Of course, if you are hasty, you can just tap it, causing you to insta-cast it, but dealing way less damage (and no forward dash of course). Min damage 200 (on tap), max damage 450 (on 3 second charge), and 375 on 1.5 second charge? Anyway, this would make the abduct-puncture combo way less powerful, or a lot more dodge-able, depending on what the senti decides to do.

    -Change the way charging up scout bows work

    Scout: A nice high damage dealer who is pinpoint accurate at long range... Why not make him a capable DPS in close range as well!?

    Jokes aside though, the way bow charging works is like this: Tapping + any charging before max deals normal damage, and only max charge deals the 'full' damage. Why is this annoying? Because scouts can basically spam dps in close range, which in my eyes, they are not supposed to. Its a long range support, but it doesn't behave that way. What do we do to change that? We change the way the bow works.
    To be specific: undrawn bow damage deals significantly less damage (I am thinking about 100?), however, any charge rate will increase the damage, with max damage as they are right now.
    So imagine you are halfway through charging a shot, and your team is attacked. Now you can just loose the shot, dealing damage appropriate to the charge level you were on (in this case, halfway would mean around 300 damage).

    -Change the stormbow... PRETTY PLEASE ;-;

    So this is something a lot of my friends agree with. Uncharged shots should not attach a bomb. The spam that it allows is just ridiculous, while also creating a lot of stagger (really, you are almost done eating, just to have one of these f-ers attached to you, to stop you right before you are done). It would be an easy fix with a big step in the right direction :3

    -More interesting perks

    Great that you implanted a 'skill tree', but every character has only 1, maybe 2 interesting perks at max. I am talking about the healing flames, decreased primary cooldown on succesful melee hits, those ones. Not the simple stat-increasing ones. I would love to see some more of these, since they open up really interesting ways to play a character, while the others just kinda boost your general performance.

    If you have any additions, or suggestions to my ideas, go ahead and let me know.

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    1) I think Puncture is just fine honestly, but i do feel that it is vastly superior to wing flap. Wing Flap should get a range and damage buff.
    The only nerf Puncture could get would be limiting the number of humans it affects (similar to Vang's shield charge that only affects max of 2 vamps)...if i'm not mistaken, puncture can damage all 4 players at once.

    2) scout is suppose to be a long range damage dealer...he is made that way because of balance, or else you could simply use the semi-charged shots all the time and get massive dmg.

    3) i disagree...Stormbow is purposely made this way so you can track vampires.
    And Damage-wise it's the basically same as other, only if the scout were to use another bow while you were feeding you'd die the same.

    4) Indeed...the "max" perk/talent is at lvl there is plenty of space for more (since max lvl is 25). I personally don't have any ideas though...but i do like these specific talents, like Deceiver's "Displacement" which helped a lot to make Dom. Mind usable.

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