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Thread: TRClothes back for GOOD

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    Big Grin TRClothes back for GOOD

    Finally, TRClothes is going back online tomorrow, exactly 1 year and 6 months since its first launch in January of 2001.

    There you will be able to find all the outfits for Lara Croft previously unnavailable as well as The Angelina Jolie Resource Centre and TR5 textures...

    In the pipe-line are

    * Young Lara Khaki (yellow)
    * Amazon Adventure Lara (from my first level)
    * Theif 2 : The Metal Age Textures

    and more more more!!

    Thanks for being so patient and thanks to Seth for saving the day

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    Yah!! I've been waiting forever!

    I was thinking of asking Moose562 to be part of the TR Tailor outfit team (, but now i guess you have your own site.

    I love your outfits!!

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    Your outfits are always awesome, moose.

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    Thanks guys! They are not online yet I am waiting to chat to Seth! lol

    Thanks for the offer Larz, I still wouldn't mind although I dunno how you would work it

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    moose im on the team,
    and its the best, you should really join,
    its a lot of fun and laraz is realllllllllllllllly nice!

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    Thanks Danny!

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    good for u moose

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    At last!!!
    Thanks a lot, I can't wait till tomorrow!!!

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    *steps in*

    Born. Crawl. Walk. School. Drink. Shoot Off Your Mouth. Work. Go To War. Go To The Mall. Find Yourself. Meet Yourself. Panic.

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    By the way... Moose's URL is

    (Incase ya didn't know )

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    Cool Thanks!

    Thanks Seth, for posting the link, but all the outfits are deadlinks.

    Let me guess... hmmm... the outfits weren't uploaded as yet?

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    I checked the server last night and didn't see them, so I don't think they are up yet.
    The site is basically under construction as several things on there is kind of out of date.
    But no fear, soon enough the updates will be finished and TRClothes will be back!
    It's all thanks to Seth too! Without him I probably wouldn't be returning to TRLE even!

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    Wink Apologies

    Sorry guys - the site is up but I am currently in the process of uploading the outfits...hopefully they should be available very soon - so far I have about 2 up on the server, hopefully I might be able to squeeze another 2 in tonight...if not, I guarantee they shall all be up this week

    Yes, thanks to Seth (aka God)

    the address is

    John (Moose562)

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    Moose, I love your outfits. Can't wait til they're all uploaded Larz, is there anything else happening with the outfit team? I haven't updated my website for a few weeks, me bad, though I've created another new outfit

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    Your site looks very nice, moose.

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    Mater Urbium
    good news, Moose
    nice to hear you were able to get it up again!

    Edit: don't even think about it!

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    Big Grin top site moosy!

    LMAO at drib oh and moose i just checked out the site and it's looking good so far! c'ant wait to see what other great additions your going to make!

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    Big Grin LOL

    Driber - who meeee?! I would *never*.....

    Thanks guys for your comments - I am currently uploading the outfits still - happens when you have a measly 56k - but its better than nothing I suppose. I will hopefully be able to update the site very often now that I can connect to the server so very quickly - as I said before Seth is God

    I am glad to be back doing this again - watch out for September though, I start uni and I know I am not going to be able to dedicate all my time to it - so this summer I am gonna have to work my *** off!

    [edit: Moose, creative use of different characters to circumvent our censor is against the TOU]

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    Yah! all the old Lara outfits are online now.

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    Everything is online now including the aforementionned Young Lara Khaki Yellow Outfit

    amazon is coming soon....

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    The Yellow Khaki for Young Lara is a dead link.

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    oh no!

    thanks Larz, let me go check it out

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    Wink ONLINE

    ok it should be working now

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