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    Sep 2017
    Hello there!!

    Not sure if im having a problem or misread DLC's
    i bought few DLC's like the 20 year celebration pack, Apex predator, Siberian, Sparrow, Tactical, and Wilderness
    Costumes and the cards i got but the weapons i dont.
    are they for the expeditions only? some sources i read tells that its not but they could be wrong so
    please help

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    May 2018
    Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th anniversary digital copy
    Xbox One X / 4k tv/ HDR enabled
    Game on external HDD
    Sometimes the game boot up on the first try.
    Other times, I have to try a few times or reboot the console and boot the game.
    Sometimes booting another game first and booting RotTR works.
    Sometimes erasing the DLC and booting the game works (close the game after booting, downloading all the DLC again and booting again works)

    Already tryed:
    -delete local save
    -reinstalled game and DLC (wasted 250GB+ on downloading Rise this month)
    -factory reset
    -reinstall game on other storage drive

    This is the only game that I have problems with and it's driving me nuts.

    Best regards.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, english is my 3rd language.

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