Thread: Attributes on Special Abilities: Humans

Attributes on Special Abilities: Humans

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    Attributes on Special Abilities: Humans

    So I'm not sure if its been answered already but I'm interested in knowing how attributes work on a specific ability other than your primary weapon/ability. Soooo my assumption is that if I have 10% cooldown reduction on the Hunter Grenade ability, that only affects that specific ability as its not a global cooldown like having it on the primary weapon. So if I were to have -10% CDR on a Scout's Warbow, Volley, and -5% on Throwing Knives, it doesn't have a global affect. If anyone can confirm this for me, I'd appreciate it as I have just recently spent 4000 gold on getting those attributes/stats on my Hunter and Scout combined.

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    I believe it's as you assumed.

    Eg: Bola enchanted with =10% cooldown, means only bola with recharge faster...if it's global, then it's a bug i think.

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    The -10% cooldown only affects the skill it's attached to. Despite this, I would say it is by far the most powerful attribute in just about every circumstance.

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    Unless it says '-x% All Cooldowns', it only applies to the item it is on.
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