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    TRLE Search Engine

    TRLE Search Engine

    Does anyone know some more sites with outfits on it? There are currently 43 outfits, but I'm sure there are more. But where?

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    Hmm, I plan to have a fairly large selection of Outfits later on.
    I think i'll submit my site in a few days when more is up.

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    Cool sage.

    But there must be more sites with outfits.

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    Just added 12 outfits, which makes the total 54
    Click here to view them They are listed on 5 pages and all have screenshots.

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    There are tons of outfits sites on my links page:

    It took a long time to put them together.

    There's also a huge mistake, i didn't make the "China Girl" and "China Girl Gold" outfits, Litepulsar did.


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    These names both start with a l.


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    New section added: wad list. Click the wad list button to view a list of all wad files.

    Object list (list of objects sorted by type, like enemies, puzzles) coming soon

    Original TR stuff page also coming soon.

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    new outfits added. 64 total. I hope to reach the 100 on a few weeks (I already know that there are so much, just waiting for permission to put them in the list)

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