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Thread: just thought i'd pop in

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    just thought i'd pop in

    to say hi...ive never been here before...

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    thanx..i get that alot

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    Hey Dago!
    you've racked up a lot of post in a short time, i'm impressed

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    Very hard too, unless you reply in the same post right after the other(which dago has done )
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    You're not doing to bad either DKSM

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    dago has more than double my posts though.

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    Catwoman Guest
    I love your sig pic DKSM

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    I wish I made it.

    go to the Main Community Chat and look for Staticon and Skustings Sig Asylum. Staticon made mine. You can request your own.

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    They made mine too - well actually staticon made mine - overnight!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!
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    hey...i only did that once...DSKM helped my post go up...we were sort of arguing...Staticon really is good at sigs...i cant wait 4 mine!

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