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Restore bug

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    Restore bug

    Well, what to say... Played champ man 15, being satisfied with the experience and the memories brought back from the good old CM-days. Started Champ Man 16 managing Rangers, taking them to new heights. After a few seasons my hard earned in-game-money and budget went to red figures after starting a new season, even though I had invested hard in a commercial advisor, wages budget went far into the minus side. So, I realized that i needed to sell players to be able to bring in fresh blood to the team. Sold six to be able to allow wages for one single player. I also purchased an in-game CM$ investment to be able to boost the staff and facilities to meet the new season. Unfortunatly i had to restore my iPad.
    After i reinstalled the game, i was looking forward to log in using my facebook account to continue where I left off. But no. Not being able to continue disappointed me. What was more disappointing was the fact that the money i had spent to buy CM$ was gone. My CM$s had disappeared along with manager history, staff and task progress. I read from a FAQ somewhere online that CM$ will disappear when using a new device, but coaching badge could be restored. Well, I tried restoring, but nothing happens.

    I am really disappointed with Square Enix at this point. I spent (probably too) much time enjoying your game, but after stealing my money and game progress i actually feel as if you stole my time as well.
    Thank you for nothing. This game is a hoax.
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    Hey Norkmeister,

    Thanks for the write up and I'm really sorry to hear that you lost your save. Cloudsaving is a feature we've looked into for Champ Man 15 and 16 but it's difficult to find a cost effective solution for the amount of players the game sees (over 1 million app downloads). Champ Man All Stars does offer that device switching capability and profile storing but that's because its a game run entirely on our servers - I know that doesn't help with your issue but we do want you to know that this isn't an issue we've just brushed aside. I'm an in talks with the team about potential ways it could be implemented.

    Regarding the coaching badge, it can only be restored if it was obtained via an IAP. The reason for this is basically that the game checks your purchase history to see if you previously purchased one and then gives you the badge if you have. Badges obtained via Facebook or from reaching manager rating level 10 can't be restored as they don't show up in your purchase history.

    The reason for not being able to restore CM$ is because they're a consumable. Having the restore function work for them would basically mean giving you infinite coins.

    I'm really sorry that you lost the CM$ you purchased. I'd like to give you these back but unfortunately Apple control the iOS purse strings so our team can't issue any refunds or give you any freebies (its different for Google). Do you play Champ Man All Stars? perhaps we could help you get set up there with a little boost by way of compensation.

    Please pm me directly to see if we can help in any way (I think you've blocked incoming PMs).
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