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Thread: Why no "Max & Chloe kiss" in "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending?

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    Why no "Max & Chloe kiss" in "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending?

    The title says it all. We talked about it in the "Deleted Dialogue" thread a bit, but I felt this topic needed it's own thread.

    I just cannot understand, why there is no optional kissing scene if you decide to save Chloe and sacrifice Arcadia Bay. Why is it only in the "Sacrifice Chloe" ending?

    So, my "In-game Max" was in love with Chloe. She tried to save her all the time because she loved her. Max has finally the chance to save Chloe once and for all and than she is not even rewarded with a kiss at the end? It somehow feels that players who decide to save Chloe and have "romanced" her earlier draw the short straw here.
    Yes. Chloe lives. That's somekind of reward too. But it just doesn't feel like they love eachother (in a romantic way) if they don't kiss at least once at the end. If I "romanced" Warren earlier, the scene will play out almost the same.

    I think it's a bit unfair that they will only kiss, if I decide to sacrifice her.

    The final scene would have been so much more intense and emotional, if it played out more like this (if you "romanced" Chloe earlier, of course):

    You decide to sacrifice the town and save Chloe. If you "romanced" Chloe earlier Max will say something like "Chloe, I love you. I will not let you die ever again." Then the two embrace and kiss. Then Max destroys the butterfly photo and they watch the storm.

    I simply can't understand why a kiss isn't an option in the "Save Chloe" ending. It just feels wrong not to have this.

    If it's because the devs ran out of time/money, I think it's a bad excuse. As evidenced by the youtube user kmsumrall, this would have been very easy to implement (as he did that in a few days/hours on his own). So Dontnod could have added such a short scene very easily IMO.

    It just feels so much better with the additional "kissing scene" to me.

    I'm really hoping for at least some minor additions/improvements to the ending and that Dontnod will decide to add an optional "kissing scene" to the "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending as well.

    Please dear Dontnod! Please consider to add such a scene to the "Sacrifice Aracdia Bay" ending as well.

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    I would assume it is because in the "save Chloe" ending, since she is alive, they have their whole lives for exploring their feelings for each other. In the other, Max is going to let Chloe die, so they do not have the time, and that is the last moment they have together.

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    Sorry, but I think it's a lame answer. Like I said above: IMO the moment right after Max decided not to sacrifice Chloe, would have been the perfect moment for a kiss. Max could tell Chloe about her feelings and why she doesn't want to sacrifice her. I think in just this exact moment they wouldn't think about the desctruction going on but only about their feelings towards eachother. At least for a few seconds. (Which would be enough for at least one single kiss).

    Like I said, I'm just disappointed we don't get at least the option to kiss Chloe in this ending. And it feels we draw the short straw.

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    Petition for Life is Strange.Extended ending/additional content:

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    Agreeed with Ross.

    Also saddened. I'm starting to think Dontnod has no idea what they've created.
    All their answers and excuses about the ending and certain other events suggest that the decisions that lead here, the decisions that they made were quite... well adult and realistic and objective ones, not to mention possible budget limitations.

    Problem is, that the game did not start out like this, if it did it would have probably died out at episode 1. However Life is Strange started out to be the exact opposite of the above: it could (and still can) take you back to your childhood, or in other words it can make the child living deep within every one of us resurface. It makes us remember when we were young and naive and still unhurt, free to love and brave enough to trust. Because this is how Max and Chloe are, this is who they are.
    And because of this we would expect them to not ever make rational decisions, we would expect them to always listen to their hearts and hopes and dreams, because we came to know them as this kind of person.

    This attitude and atmosphere of the game was kind of an unintentional promise that mislead (??) people.

    In the very end the girls do not act like this, they act like adults, they start getting reasonable and rational and kind of jaded. Ultimately this is why the ending pissed off so many people. The girls we loved stopped being themselves.

    Yes they would have kissed, and yes they could not have accepted any of the two decisions offered - they couldn't have made peace with themselves afterwards. They would have kept on going and fighting against all odds.

    Sorry for derailing this topic a bit, I just see that people are coming up with more and more problems and I think that in the end the reason behind all of those is this: maybe the story was told the wrong way or maybe we were offered too many choices, but many of us got to know a different Max and Chloe than who they turned out to be by ep5 according to the writers. We rightfully (??) expect them to act differently because we know them to be different.
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    I see this thread is 1y old but I completely agree with Ross! Yesterday I even tried to ask Michel Roch on Twitter about it, but I don't know if he will respond. I'm too sad right know, I need to know they get enaged ahahah.

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