Hello everybody,

Warning spoil !!!!!!

I have a theory about storm. At begining Max wakes up in classeroom after a bad dream. I think it was not a dream. She cames back here because she has to save arcadia bay from storm which was not created by max's power. This storm it's a fatality. If you choose to sacrifice Chloe, five days after her death, you'll see this storm again and you will have to come back in the past to help people of arcadia bay.
And even if strom is created by max's power, we don't forget that max change past with chloe's father. I explain this point of view. Even if father of chloe is dead, max say something to chloe what she shouldn't say due to she knows what will hapen to chloe's father. These words will change the curve of time and will create strom in the futur. So when you come back to let chloe die, you change nothing about storm.
So you have to save everybody to the storm or just chloe. And I think power was given to max to save everybody to the storm even chloe.
That explain animal that max can see, it's a spirit who try to say max that she has to save everybody to storm. This spirit send sign to prevent poeple to go away with snow and moon...
It will be a good episode 6 to come back in the past to save everybody even chloe due to storm is not caused by max. And if you have choose the end with sacrifice aradia bay you have just to start with a discussion beetwen max and animal which explain you that storm was not caused by her power.

What do you think about theories and the possibility of an episode 6 ?

Sorry for my english, it's not my first language.