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Thread: So more questions than answers after Ep 5?

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    Rolleyes So more questions than answers after Ep 5?

    So here are some of the questions/inconsistencies/plot holes I was thinking about after the game. Help me find answers please or add some of yours (I'm sure there is a lot more, but that's all I can remember for now).
    Btw, excuse my English, not a native speaker...

    1. If the tornado was the result of saving Chloe - why did Max had vision of it before she discovered her power?

    2. Throughout the game Max could only reverse time, but she never traveled in space while doing it (except for travelling in time through selfies). So why she ended up in Jefferson lecture when she saved Chloe first time? She still should have been in the bathroom after that rewind.

    3. It seems that principal Wells wasn't aware of Jefferson's deeds - so what was this argument about in the ending scene of Ep 2?

    4. Nathan was Jefferson's protege and apparently Jefferson left Nathan that note asking to not call him at work. So who was calling Jefferson in Ep 2? Nathan was in class talking to Victoria and from Ep 5 it clearly seems that Jefferson didn't have any other complices. I mean the whole scene was there to hint on how shady Jefferson is, but now it doesn't make any sense.

    5. In the gallery Max had her diary with all the photos. Why not to use one of them, for example the one in her dorm room with Chloe. Explain everything and make Chloe stop Max from going to San Francisco.

    6. What was all this "we'll be safe at the lighthouse" thing about? Max can rewind, why not to get back in town and help David evacuate people? All for the sake of dramatic and meaningless ending?

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    Only one short point of view about the 1. Point.

    I tought before the 5. Episode this Storm was Chloe, her anger, her greed, her pain about her life and her losts in the Past. I realy realy hoped if we save chloes soul not simply her life we can end the storm. Over the first 4 episodes you tell her so often its okay to left the past behind...but its all worth nothing at the end.

    Now after episode 5 I think its only a early warning. Dont do it. Even if Max dont know at this point what she dont should do.

    Than I spread the question in two parts and had no answers for it. Is the storm bcs. max alter time or comes the storm bcs. you alter chloes destiny (even I dont belive his destiny was to die).

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