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Thread: Not available on Lumia 830?

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    Not available on Lumia 830?

    I have the Lumia 830 with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. Yes, it does have 1GB of RAM.

    I have the 1.0.0 version on my phone, but am unable to update to the version just released. Looking at the Windows Store from my phone, I cannot even see the old version. However, if I navigate to it through the website, I can access the Store page, but it says "This app is not available for your device."

    Any suggestions on how I can play in the icy wastes?

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    Same thing for me (I play LCRR with my Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8.1 Update / Denim, 1GB of RAM)
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    Same issue here on my HTC One M8 with WP 8.1 update 2.

    Very annoying.

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    Check yours WP: yesterday new update for WP (, finally I was able to update to the new version of the game , all relics/coins/gems/achievements/progress has been transferred (Tibet is amazing )

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