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Thread: New Tomb Raider : AOD Preview!!

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    TR_Freak Guest

    New Tomb Raider : AOD Preview!!

    on they have a brand new preview... check it out

    click here

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    Yes !!!!
    I am not moving again !!!

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    Really cool! Thanks a lot TR_Freak!

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    Thanks TR_Freak!
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    Hmm... For some strange/odd reason I can't get in.....

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    No wait.... Now I can!

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    Rolleyes Stupid Advertise ment!

    Grrrr..... i got on only to see a stupid advertisement, then before i could view the video, it says my guest pass has expired!

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    180 actions
    Lara learns
    Lara interacts
    Can't wait, just give it to me

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    Originally posted by DKSM
    Thanks TR_Freak!
    I couldn't get in either!
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    I've learned the world is bigger than me...

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    Are those Ps2 pics? I've wondered for the longest because many people say its Pc but Eidos said that all pics came from the Ps2 version i'm confused.

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    Ps2 Or Pc?

    I hope it is Ps2, and don't tell me Ps2 couldn't do this because look at MGS2 it has superlative graphics like this.

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    Big Grin

    Just found out they are from the PS2 version. Whoohooo!!!!!

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    Yes you can check this out at are ps2 pics

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    TR_Freak Guest
    Gamespot doesnt know for sure if they are PC or PS2, since both games are the same, they put the same pictures for PS2 as they do for the PC section! But im sure both versions will come out almost equivelant (obviously PC will be better graphics)!

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    I think the Pc version will probably have better lighting/shadow effects and run faster.

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    Big Grin Nice!!!!!

    Wow!!!! At first it was 150 now 180 moves, that means that they've added 30 more moves on to Lara. She will kick and puch, that's all good right there. I like that!!!!!!!!!

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    beetleboy Guest
    It's early days yet for Ms Croft, but the gameplay's deeper and there are more complex routes through the levels. A hard edge of nastiness in the mood means this should be the best Tomb Raider ever, but we can't yet say for sure if it reinvents the formula enough to win back the fans.
    What do they mean by win back the fans?

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    The people who got pissed off with the games becoming stale around TR3, presumably.

    180 moves means 180 animations.
    For goodness' sake think logically.... if she had 180 controllable moves it would take a combination of up to 75 button press combo's on a PS2 gamepad to make her do move # 180.

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    TR_Freak Guest
    yeah but its basically the same thing...! i dont mean the same thing as lara jumping and being able to do a double twist or something... i mean just like in TR Chronicles when she would use the hammer or something to the guys in a cut scene! I mean like opening doors, new ways to kill people... depending on your environment. You wont have 180 animations throughout the game... they will come at certain points like VCI in TRC! Get me.. or am i just not explaining it too well?

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    I understand every word, I agree with you TR_Freak.

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    You pretty much said what I a different order.

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    Nice one keep this stuff coming mate

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    Re: New Tomb Raider : AOD Preview!!

    Originally posted by TR_Freak
    on they have a brand new preview... check it out

    click here
    Hi, I get onto the page that is cool and it has an article on Lara AOD but it doesn't bring up a link for me to download the preview trailer where do I go boo hoo. Can you let me know?

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