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Thread: Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits

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    Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits

    Since all the old posts and threads are going to be deleted, I felt the need to chronicle some of the questions and answers that have, over the years, been divulged by everyone's favourite undead Lead-Playtester. I do this to preserve the information before it is deleted forever, and to create something that newer members can consult before asking already-asked questions to the Butterfly Lord. Without further ado, here are Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits....


    Regarding the Statue near the Elder in SR2

    Warpsavant asked...

    For quite some time Ive been wondering what exactly the large structure is in the Ruins that is in the giant room down there where the air and dark fonts are located. There is also a fire font in this room very high up on a ledge. SOmetimes the room is filled with water, sometimes its not.

    So what exactly is the thing in the middle of the room? With the air vent in front of it you use to fly on top of it?

    Is it some type of coffin, or crypt?

    Is it the elder ones armor or something?

    Is it some kind of altar?

    Let me know what it is, please! Its drivin me crazy!

    LOK Merchandise

    Blincoln asked...

    Hi Chris.
    I believe this has been asked before, but are there any plans to release more LoK merch when - for example - BO2 is released? Obviously something like a life-sized Reaver is a little unrealistic, but I'd totally be interested in buying posters, or like a patch with the Kain symbol on it, and other people here have mentioned being interested in LoK t-shirts so we can basically like advertise the series as we go about our business during the day =).

    A Soul Reaver 1 Remake?

    keepittru asked...

    please could you talk to your team and see if they can make a remake of soul reaver1 on ps2 with better graphics more enemies more secret glyph magic and energy power ups, more secret locations, and ariel reaver but keep same fighting engine as on sr1 and also make turel the vampire also so we can fight him and also keep the same great music on sr1, pleeeeaaase consider this, and also if kain was supposed to be killed by raz why wasnt the pillars restored in the future,( not meaning in sr2)

    Who were the three Circle members who survived? When did Malek become Circle-ised?

    Non-existent asked...

    Chris, is it at all possible for you to clear up some information about Malek? First, there happens to be conflicting numbers of Guardians that fell to Vorador's attack, is the number given in SR2 the one we are to consider accurate (that being six)?

    Second, in SR2 when Moebius tells Raziel that only three Guardians survived, himself and two others, and given the nature of the ending, is Malek supposed to be the third, or are we to take the information given for BO that says Malek was not a Guardian until after he was fused to his armor?

    Soul Reaver 1 Beta Version: Can we have it please?

    Blincoln asked...

    Hi Chris =).
    A lot of us have been discussing this on the Eidos forums as well as the site, so I thought I'd ask and get the official word.
    Is there any chance *ever* that CrystalD and/or Eidos would allow the release of the unfinished PSX version of the original Soul Reaver with whatever parts were finished of the material that ended up not making it in? I realize that a significant portion of it was not finished, but a lot of the hard-core fans would love to see what is there, especially in light of the dialogue in SR2 that implies that those events will no longer take place (I mean, I was totally happy just to find the giant room and hallway in the middle of the Citadel that aren't supposed to be there. Who cares if you end up falling into nothingness sometimes if you get to see some MORE areas that the SR team designed?). A 650MB ISO download would be kind of taxing on the Eidos servers, but I'm sure at least one of us would be willing to host it in some form, *or* it would be really cool to see it as one of the DVD bonuses for SR3 - "Insert this disc into your PC, copy srbeta.iso to your hard drive, burn it to disc, and insert the CDR into your PSX." =).
    No worries if not, like I said I just wanted to get the official answer, and make it clear to CrystalD that LoK has its fan-equivalent of the people that REALLY wanted to see the "Captain Dallas cocooned" segment of Alien, even if they had to wait a few decades for the DVD.

    Makin' a Soul Reaver game: How long does it take then?

    Serafan asked...

    how long does it normally take to make one of the SR games.... Do you have an estimate of when the project will be completed??????
    Thanks a lot

    Flower Chris and Malek's Damnation

    warpsavant asked...

    Hey man, are you the Flower Chris mentioned in the Credits in the Manual? Or the other Chris?
    Now my question!

    When was Malek fused to his armor, before or after Mortanious was possessed? It never clearly states this anywhere either, all we have is cutscene that should be taken as "abridged versions of what happened"

    So let me know when Morti fused Malek. Before or after his posession by the Dark Entity. It appears this happened before he was possessed but it isnt in the timeline on Sr2 disc so LMK, please. Thank you Chris.

    One-Hundred-Percent Pure Hash'ak'gik.

    Link21 asked...

    At the end of Blood Omen was the demon that you fight actually Hash'ak'gik? I don't mean was this demon also possessed by Hash or was a different representation of the true creature...

    I mean was this demon 100% Hash'ak'gik???

    Plus if at the time of Blood Omens release he was meant to be Hash, has that theory changed since the new LOK games to mean that he was not infact Hash???

    Sorry to be so technical but I wanted to cover all bases

    Sarafan and Seraphim. Who can't spell?

    willow ayala asked...

    Okay you'll all have to excuse me if this is painfully obvious but does anyone know why Crystal Dynamics decided to go with the spelling Serafan as oppose to the proper spelling Seraphim?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Pondering the Preistess

    Lieutenant Raziel asked...

    Hi Chris@Crystal!
    I was just listening to some of the cut dialogue featuring the Priestess who was cut from the first Soul Reaver game, and I came up with a couple of questions...

    First, I was wondering what the Priestess's abilities were... Not in the way of the "gift" Raziel obtains after devouring a soul (eg. Pass through barriers, climbing etc), but more in the way of how her character behaved. How she attacked Raziel, for example... Did she use a weapon (such as those possessed by the vampire worshippers) or magic?

    Secondly, I was wondering if there was any possibility, no matter how slight, that the Priestess would make an appearance in another Legacy of Kain game. I think I speak for a fair few people when I say that I'd love to see her in another Legacy of Kain game...

    Anyway, I don't know if you'll be able to answer these questions, but I thought I'd at least try to get an answer...

    Thanks for your time.

    So Chris, What Do You Do Then?

    RAZKAIN asked...

    besides the obvious 'moderator' position, what else does chris do in terms of the legacy of kain series?

    Can I make a Soul Reaver please?

    Serafan asked...

    hey chris... i just had a question... has CD copywritten the "soul reaver" in every way? because i wanted to get a custom forged sword of the soul reaver to put in my room lol, and i was wonderin if it was legal... thanks a lot

    That Vampire Woman Cut From Soul Reaver 2. Who Was She Then?

    Divine Shadow (ie, Yours Truly) asked...

    Chris, I was summoning various character models in the PC version of Soul Reaver 2, and I found a woman called BVAMP_F. Pictures provided:

    Font Fun.

    Serul asked...

    ...what typefonts they used for the "History abhors a paradox" line at the end of SR2, also for the names of the people in the credits (of SR2).
    If you can help me I would appreciate it.

    Soul Reaver III

    GatesofNosgoth asked...

    Does anyone know anything about when SR3 will be released? Chris is there any news?

    Qualifications Question

    Turelhim Vampire asked...

    what qualifications would i need to become a consept artist/games designer for crystal dynamics (or any other games company for that matter)?

    i hope you can help me, and please reply soon, as i just found out i only have two weeks from today to get my university applications sent off.

    cheers chris,

    BO1: Werewolves or Vampires in Wolf-Form?

    Unknown asked...

    I have been wondering about an enemy that appears in BO, this creature can change into a wolf. Now at first I thought it was a warewolf but I remember Kain and V can change into a wolf aswell, so to be blunt what are they, vampires or warewolfs? Thanks for your help.

    Who writes what scripts?

    willow ayala asked...

    Hello Chris (or shall I say Lord Butterfly... *dum dum dummmmm*) I have a quick question if you have a sec.
    I was just inquiring if Amy Hennig at least gave a look over on the script. The reason for this is the appearance of Vorador... He did kind of have his head chopped off. I don't see how anyone could have missed this.... so I'm assuming that this is a plot piece or it shows Kain finding a way to resurrect Vorador or it’s a dark entity or something else... And I know you can't tell us anything about the plot (well I wouldn't want to know anyway...I'd rather just play the game) But the main question is did she look over the story to make sure it's not a complete continuity error? Thanks for your time.

    Three Varied Questions

    Glucolisis asked...

    1. I want to know how you test a game. It is after it is "done" or you start testing right after it is playable?
    2. When you say that Sr3 is in progress, what do you mean? Is there something done, or it is just the story and concept art? Or the programers are working on it?

    3. What is your favorite game? and wich LOK you enjoy the most?

    Altered Timeline or not? After SR2 or BO1?

    Sarafan Lord asked...

    I am very confused on when this game takes place. Is it direct events after Blood Omen 1 or is it the aftermath of what Kain did at the end of Soul Reaver 2? This is very confusing and nobody can give me a straight answer. I was told you could help me. Thanks

    Resurrecting Blood Omen 1?

    DarkMessiah asked...

    Hey Chris, I know I'm still a newbie to the Forum but thanks for taking interest in what we say.
    I wanted to know if CD is planning to do anything about BO1? I think there is a bunch of people out there who just never had the chance to play BO1, and therefore are missing an enormous part of the whole Legacy of Kain.

    Blood Omen 1 and Blood Omen 2

    KbH Sephiroth asked...

    Why did you make it with CHapters and not like you did with BO1?It would've been sooooo much better if you could have more player freedom and go back to early areas in the game when you're stronger.

    Human Raziel's Age When He Got What Was Coming To Him?

    Evelin The Winged asked...

    When he got murdered by himself as a human, how old was he? 30? 20, 26?

    Seer: Hylden Or Something Else?

    TheElderGodofNosgoth asked...

    There has been a lot of talk about this subject. I beleave that she is a vampire. Is this true. Can you put this question to rest (or is one of those uncertain things).I beleave when Kain says "What manner of creature are you? You are like no vampire that I have seen" in replience to the Seer telling Kian to drink her blood. She the Seer vampire?

    Legacy of Kain: The Movie?

    Mallinger asked...

    This is referring to one of my other posts entitled, LOK Movie?. I was just wondering if you know anything about a possibility of a LOK movie in the near or not so distant future.

    Moebius and his Shotgun?

    Blincoln asked...

    Hi Chris =).
    I just realized this morning that you were the perfect person to ask this question of. A lot of people who play through the first game see what looks like a shotgun on the floor of the Oracle's Cave. I have never seen it (maybe the graphic is not there in the PC version?), but some other people seem to think it's a piece of armour or something.
    Do you have an opinion either way?

    What do YOU want to happen then Chris?

    123up123down123up asked...

    what do YOU want to happen in the future legacy of kain games
    not what is going to happen i wanna know what u would like to happen
    and who is your favorite character and why

    Bo1 Vorador and Bo2 Vorador differences

    Glucolisis asked...

    Hi Chris!!

    You just said above that one of your favorite characters is Vorador(mine too). Here goes my question:

    How do you feel that in Bo2, Vorador was SO weak?
    Almost everybody said that Bo2 vorador feels "weak" like the Bo2 team took something out of him. He doesn`t give the impression of been BIG, BAD POWERFUL vampire who destroyed Malek and the circle of 9.

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Blood Omen 3 on the cards?

    Diakinos asked...

    Is there actually going to be another Blood Omen game? I personally think that that would be too much of a good thing. In all honesty, I would have been happy with just the first Blood Omen, but that is just me. So, is there or is there not going to be a BO3? Thanks a lot in advance.

    SR1: "What ARE these creatures?"

    Sayel asked...

    One question, I hope the team will allow you to answer this.
    We all know that Soul Reaver 1 was "cut". And now I saw a creature that was supposed to be in there...

    Silenced Cathedral in SR1 Intro Sequence?

    Nosgoth's Ruler asked...

    Silenced Catherdral?
    It is in the Intro FMV, but:
    A) The ingame cathedral (although can't really be seen from that far away) looks NOTHING like that
    B) I thought it was the Chronoplast tower or seems too be in the right spot in the SR doesn't seem to be in the right spot to be the Silenced Catherdral...
    Besides, if it is the Silenced did it amplify the sound outwards? since it is a spiraly-coneshape going down, the sound would be blasted into the ground and would not likely reach vampires that ar far away...
    Anyway...just a better explaination of this Spiral tower
    would be great

    More SR1 Cut Questions

    Sayel asked...

    You mean this here?


    And there we go.

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    hahah very nice. *clap clap*

    geez, some of those are really old.

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    Good work, but you have forgotten one of the most important once....
    Will there ever be an actual soul reaver collectable sword made for the fans of the series?
    His answer was there was no plans at the time.

    Noob Saibot.......Yes From Mortal Kombat, but this time in person

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    Originally posted by NoobSaibot
    Good work, but you have forgotten one of the most important once....
    Will there ever be an actual soul reaver collectable sword made for the fans of the series?
    His answer was no by the way.
    Too bad. I guess that spot on my living room wall will have to remain bare. Boo hoo.

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    Get some cardboard and make one yourself.
    Another problem solved by the almighty willow.

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    I like that we can rate the threads

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    I suppose that is a pretty cool feature.

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    That was a very good idea cause there is a lot of information that is very valuable in the other forum.

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    it looks weird that warpsavant is a junior member!!!

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    Wow, thanks DS! There's even some stuff in there I didn't know. I'll have to make some tweaks to my site over the weekend.
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    Bravo Divine Shadow!
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    malligner... go to if u are really will cost a lot though...but it would be really kewl!

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    It makes me feel all warm inside that one of my questions made the list.
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    Thumbs Up

    Excellent job compiling all those responses DS! *applaudes* If only some of these important posts could be pinned.

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    Originally posted by Glucolisis
    it looks weird that warpsavant is a junior member!!!


    i miss my insane postcount too. ah well... starting from scratch again

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    I remember all but one of those asked........

    Questions. I didn't know that the Malek's bation like place was the early Sanctuary of the Clans building. It loos cool though. That still makes us wonder what Kain's retreat is to look like. The most we ever saw was in the Bo2 intro, though we don't know if Kain uses that castle in the time of Sr or not. I hope so though. Always has been great to get responces from the creators. I miss my post count as well, though it was only a few hundred. When it comes to E-Mail though I do that a lot more. I need to post in everything now. Good that the LoK all in one section thing was given to us in the new forum after we asked for it. Long live Vampire Lord Chris. Too bad most people new those early model vampires were Dumahim. Many magazines noted they were and so that is what I posted at my site. That never changed. i have both versions on it. Then again, I have the cut Turel smokestack image as well. Love it.

    Yeah, I have my first site with many images, but as soon as I find all my old magazines, I'll post more scans here .
    It will be in the mag section. I really need to do some renovations, but I'm waiting until I find the magazines or borrow them off a cousin. He has stockpiles of gaming magazines like me. Lotsa of them, of many different magazines. He and I have EGM, EGM2 which became Expert Gamer, Nintendo Power, Game Informer, Official PSM, PS2 magazine, so on and so forth. I have many previews Sr games. If I find some of the issues I'm thinking in particular, I'd have all of the interviews of the LoK series. There are many obscure ones I have noticed that aren't much, but have some beta pictures. Most are Sr2 though. Most stuff is on the net though. Anyone have the image that has the odd Human Citadel face sid by side with the face of the Chronoplast door of Sr1 picture from the GIA???? It went down and I lost the image. We might need to ask Chris about that.

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    Thumbs Up

    I was wondering what exactly Chris said about those old SR1 Dumahim enemy models. When I first made the Angelfire UCG pages with Scarblade (oh-so-long ago) I remembered that Chris gave some feedback, but I never got the chance to read it before.

    Thanks for digging that up, Shadow!
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    With a discovery of early Dumahim concept and other things, I can't help to feel that there's still more to be found from SR1. These revelations are driving me mad, fortunately I understand the reason of their removal.
    "Where time is but a loop, a loose stitch in the universal cloth. A Streamer might seize upon a chance -a fatal slip- and plunge the fate of planets into chaos."

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    There are some things left to be found. I'm going to be adding a few to my site with the next big update.
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    So, Blincoln.

    How far through are you on the updates or haven't you started yet? Just wondering. You usually give us close aproximations of time until completion. Too bad I won't be here for a couple weeks so I won't see. Vacation is nice to finnaly have. Woods, here I come. i have close friends who have a lot of land that has a personal campgrounds on it. That doesn't mean I won't take my camper with electricity though. My Ps2 is all ready to go. Guess what games I'm taking.

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    Thumbs Up Anxiously

    waiting for the big update blinc.

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    I put up the two SR1 pages I'd been meaning to for awhile (early vampires and the Stone Tower) last night. I've got a few mystery screenshots left, but that's the bulk of my knowledge of SR1.
    *Now* I just need to completely redo the BO1 section and bump up the brightness/contrast on all the SR1 screenshots.

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    AND there are still a few SR2 pages that say "more info coming soon..." or are those updated too? (haven't been to look yet, I will probably shortly answer my own question )
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    They probably still say that. It's mostly the technical information, and I just haven't had time to write that stuff up.
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    I never saw those pictures of......

    the stone tower before i do believe. I sure didn't know of that area though. I knew of all the early vamps though. I have the magazine articles scanned. Not by me, but I had them sent to me. If I still have the entire folder of my Sr stuff, I would have them. If I lost anything, I'm mad I lost them. I have the screenshots burned to disc though, so it doesn't matter.

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