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Thread: Moebius Statue(BO2 spoiler)

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    Question Moebius Statue(BO2 spoiler)

    Does anybody know the significance of the statue of Moebius in the Eternal Prison?

    The fact that the place is littered with clocks and that time doesn't pass makes me think he played a major part in the creation of the place.
    Free will is an illusion.

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    yes we have reasons to believe he may have started it

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    But for what reason? We've never known Moebius to create such a place.
    Free will is an illusion.

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    I don't think Moebius is old enough to have made it. Well, I guess he could have traveled through time but weren't the guards their Hylden?

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    Nah, they were weirdo's with scythes, that were highly annoying, with very bad speeches and a good blood supply.

    Shame you couldn't get the weapons lol

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    No, the only Hylden there that we know of that was in the prison is the Builder, the one who built the Device. He wasn't a guard though, he was a prisoner. The guards were those grim reaper guys.

    Moebius was alive for at LEAST a thousand years. I'm sure he would have the time to build it. Why else would there be a giant memorial of him in the courtyard?
    Free will is an illusion.

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    Perhaps this will also be revieled in one of the two next games.

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    Free will is an illusion.

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    You can never tell with CD... or with any story told in a convoluted manner. They both mess with your head.

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    But if a Hylden is a prisoner there wouldn't that mean that the Eternal Prison has been around since before their banishment?

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    Yeah, that's what I ment. The inventer would have been imprisoned after the vampires won the war against the Hylden. Thosands (if not more) of years before Moebius' time.

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    Why would they put a statue of Moebius there then? I'm pretty sure that when your a member of the Circle, you're immortal. I'm sure Moebius has been alive for a long, looooong time.
    Free will is an illusion.

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    I guess its just one of those LOK mysteries yet to be explained...

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    Originally posted by KainSyndrome101
    Why would they put a statue of Moebius there then?
    So you can poder about it.

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    to brighten the place up a little, get's a little boring seeing grim reaper's everywhere lol

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    I don't follow...

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    BO2 spoilers

    sorry, they weren't reaper's, they were golfers

    the statues you bash magnus into to work their mojo

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    I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark and say that both the Hylden and Moe had a hand in making the Eternal Prison. I mean Moe's statue is there and, if I remember correctly (and chances are I don't) there were a bunch of the Sarafan Lord's symbols there, too. It may mean anything, it may mean nothing. Either way, that's my guess...

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    Smile A little idea from me...


    We maybe don´t know all of Moebius. He ist the streamer. He can time-travel.
    But also if he is´nt the builder of the prison. The prison has something with time to do. One of the guardians said something about an experiment. Maybe the prison was there for a long time and Moebius used it only for research purposes.

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    It's Mobeius's Beach Condo

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    This would explain his healthy skin color.

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    Anybody thought that he may have been imprisoned there but managed to escape or was the only one who didn't go mad because he was already mad, ie Nupraptors Blast.

    Therefore, as the only one not to go mad in the eternal prison was made head warden or summet like that and to comemerate that fact, they built a Giant statue of him.

    But then some how it gets smashed to smitherines.

    You never know, the eteral prison does have a lot to do with fiddleing time doesn't it, so maybe it made him sane again. There fore as he is the only one to become sane they may have commemerated that fact.

    But we will just have to wait and see, maybe it was just to put a bit of irony that after all the problems mobious caused Kain in Blood Omen, yes that is an understatement, that mobious is the one person in Blood Omen 2 who saves him.

    Now it is getting even more of a puzzle.


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    I prefer the condo idea. It didn't hurt the head as much

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    There are two people who could've built the Eternal Prison.

    Hash'ak'gik - Which would prove a theory of mine concerning the Hylden aligning themselves with the dark god (whom Moebius was known to worship).

    Azimuth - Which would prove another theory of mine that stated Azimuth still plays a pivotal role in the series without actually appearing in it directly.

    Ardeth and I debated Azimuth on the other forum. I will look that up and repost it on this one for you to look at.
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    I'd say mobieus taught them to time stream taught them how to make the devices and he told them to build

    so yea i think he had a great deal to do with the building of the eternal prison therefore they built a big statue of him

    i think out of all the vamps on BO2 Magnus was the best

    he made me laugh

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