Does anyone else feel that the Dissidia series was kinda overlooked?

Duodecim is one of my top PSP games and it is fun as hell to play. The Advent Children like action, the customization of an RPG, and the rather solid fighting mechanics were all so stylized that it puts such a dramatic twist on the fighting genre. Plus the nods to the original games is pretty darn neat as well. Story could've been better but then again the plot was rather fanfic-ish and most players were there for the fighting anyways (fighting games+plot=not always the best).

But because it was released on the PSP rather than a console, it seemed rather hard for people to approach it if they already invested into a console. Heck, I even have only a handful of friends who even know what it is and only four of them played it because they could afford a PSP. I feel that lack of accessibility of the game causes it to fall under the radar despite its over the top style. It would be nice to hopefully see it move to the PS3 but thats unlikely as it seems to have rather far under the radar.

Even THEATRHYTHM, which had the Cosmos/Chaos synopsis thing based off of Dissidia, had much more attention to it. IT EVEN GOT THE FULL LIST OF DLC WHILE DISSIDIA HAD SEVERAL-Gilgamesh's Type-0 outfit, Squall's KH outfit in NA, All the Official Quests-DLC HELD BACK. Sure, Theatrythm might be justified since it was released for the 3DS so they went all out with it but it shouldn't have been THAT much trouble to put the Duodecim DLC up on the Playstation Store or sum thing (I would've payed T_T).

And they especially have no excuse for omittting Gilgamesh's costume (which i was looking forward to). Theatrhythm has a Type-0 DLC and Duodecim doesn't? This is rather unfair in my opinion. (Btw, nice to know SQ acknowledges Type-0's existance but they should at least mention the TITLE RATHER THAN JUST BLUNTLY SAY "FROM FINAL FANTASY SERIES")

Aside from that, since Duodecim, not much has been heard from the Dissidia series which is kinda saddening but somewhat expected i guess.

At the very least, for what it does right, it needs moar love...