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Thread: A few thoughts about Episode 5

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    A few thoughts about Episode 5

    At first I am not an nativ english speaker and sometimes I cant realy say what I want to say. I hope someone understands what I want to say *g*

    The Game ist great and I love it very much. It´s a small little game with a beutiful soul, how action and reaction works in this game I missed a lot in other games.

    But now the 5th Episode cames out...and it feels a little bit yeha to small focused at all. The last decissioin about sacrefice Chloe or sacrefice Arcadia Bay makes not so much sense for me. Not bcs. I cant have both...the game tells me over 4 Episodes that is impossible and right after the ending of the first Episode I had a very bad feeling about Chloe in two ways.

    The first one was I think Chloe was the Storm that destroys Arcadia, she is so angry, so embittered, so sad about her life and the death of her father and her personal situation. She talks " nuke Arcady Bay to glas..." and such things. From this point on I think there are only two ways to save arcadia...Chloe must Die at the end to save arcadia bay or you can bring back the sparkle of life in her soul and she can left the past behind so (her grief) the storm ends.

    The second one was right that End, you altered time and thats provoke the storm. You (Max) was the storm and to save arcadia bay max had go back and do...whatever

    The end we got now looks, for me a little bit to narrow focused. Let me explain why.

    Chloe at last had a view about her self and her selfishness and all what´s up with it we let her die!? The game allow´s us to go back to the day where we first met her in the restroom of the school...and we do nothing. Realy it´s so simple all the storm came because we change chloes destiny and not because we alter time. What if we manage to save her without alter the time. Simply step out and say hello to Nathan or go out before he comes in, or take the hammer to dont ring of the fire alarm but use it to attack Nathan (stupid thing, but a possibility).

    If that all happens bcs. we alter only Chloe´s destiny whats up with all the other destiny´s we alter? Kate. During my playthrough I didnt manage to save Kate (during the 50/50 thing with the bible verse I made the wrong choice) but dont want to load a save. If feels wrong to load bcs. I cant alter time so I am on my own I dont save her, okay. Hard but okay. If I now talk to her and say "Hey Kate...we love you all dont be harassed from Victoria"...and she jumps not, will another Vortex destroys Arcadia bcs. I alter her destiny too!? I cant get why all will end positive if Chloe dies...Nathan got arrestet, Jefferson got arrestet...why? Bcs. I use knowledge I got during the time travel part...thats okay but I cant use this knowlede to save chloe and simply step out and confront Nathan? Now someone can state, not Max blow´s Jefferson it´s Nathan after he got arrested...but realy? The whole game told us the Prescots rules all! They got the money they got the lawyers and hey Nathan shot a punk girl who is well known for drugs and could be easy to turn this against the dead chloe. Max is a witness?...come on...she didnt look arround the corner, only after the shot goes out...and so on. She cant tell that she seen it in an alternate reality. And at least why should nathan blow Mr. Jefferson at the point of the shoting in the restroom he allready had a father-son relationship with Jefferson and I we know bcs. of the storyline that Mr. Jefferson is highly manipulate people arround him...why not Nathan after all!?

    With that "dead end" in the storyline it feels wrong...very wrong both decisions the game gave to us.

    Maybe with a little bit more time ther will come a DLC or somthing with alternate ending (I hope) some ending that honor all the decision you made and who is a little bit more focused at the total view and the backround of the game.
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