Why can't I download on Xbox One?
The Xbox One digital store is currently experiencing issues and are working to have Episode 5 for download as soon as possible. Please contact Xbox for further updates

Where is Episode 5? It says available now but I can't download it
Digital stores will be rolling out Episode 5 throughout the day. The game will be available for everyone today but the time will differ per region/country. Please contact Microsoft/Sony for further updates.

I can't install for Xbox 360
If you own a season pass, ensure you select the 'free' option from the episode download list (please let us know if you cannot see this option)

When downloading the episode, make sure you DO NOT close the download window/menu until it reaches 100%. Doing so may cause the download to cancel and you will need to restart your console and begin the download again.

My game won't work/launch
If you are playing on PC, please post your PC specs with any details on errors/crashes to our Steam technical forums

If you are playing on console, please contact Square Enix support http://sqex.to/support or post on the Technical forums here http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/forumdisplay.php?f=387