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CM 16 problem

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    CM 16 problem

    Hi, iv been playing Cm 15 and Cm all stars without a problem, loving both of the games Btw. Anyway I downloaded the much anticipated Cm16 from the Google play store, and was loving it until I reached 2020, 3 games into that season the game has suddenly stopped, I can still log in and do what I want but when I try continuing to the next day it just takes me back to my phones home screen. I play in the Scottish premier league as dundee, and I use a Sony experience L android 4.4.2, can someone help? Thanks.

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    Hi Drama,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the information. I've been seeing a number of cases of the game tending to slow down around the 2020 season, so I'm wondering if anything in particular happens around then.

    That being said, could you direct message me please so we can sort this case out for you specifically?
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