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Thread: The time in GMT.

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    The time in GMT.

    Hooray! Now the forum uses my local time zone.

    It doesn't make much of a difference, i juts thought i would point it out.

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    Aye true...... but its off by three minutes! wait no maybe its me.....

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    Forum can use any time zone. It can be set in the Profile Settings. So that you know.

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    If you don't happen to live in Greenwhich Mean time, you may edit your user profile to select what time zone you want to forum to display in.

    ehhh, Xcom beat me to it.

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    jah i knew that...i changed it already...but it is still 6 minutes biggy!

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    No your six minutes off

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    Originally posted by Creamy_Goodness
    No your six minutes off
    GRAMMAR ERROR!!!111/\

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    Im not going to dignify that with an answer..... wait.... ahh @#$#

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    Originally posted by OldGrandad

    GRAMMAR ERROR!!!111/\


    Its spelled Graimmoor! Duh

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