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Thread: The ECC Birthday List

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    sob sob i'm not on the birthday list, i am sure i have made over 50 posts in the community chat forum

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    Big Grin

    I've added most of you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulraider View Post
    ahhh ok, i was wondering why i wasn't listed
    Well, if you don't give the date, you'll be wondering for a very long time.

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    It's my birthday on Friday, and I'm gettin' a PSP, and TRLegend for it.

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    woo hoo i am on the list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
    It's my birthday on Friday, and I'm gettin' a PSP, and TRLegend for it.
    Sweet i got that last year

    NeWay Xcom Add me
    July 5th

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    so for my berthday i got BS:M

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    Yay, I think I finally qualify for this page now

    me BD == 5th of Feb

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    29 days to go! (mine that is)

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    happy Birthday to me, im ??

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    Happy Birthday CH. Give us a hint.

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    thanks, ?5

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    ill say ?? ok

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    22 march

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    youve got a long time to wait then

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    mine is the 2nd of march

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    quite a long time then

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    Gee mines tomorrow and I know I've made over 50 post in the ccforum but I'm not listed.

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    My birthday is 22nd of august!
    No Comment.

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    I cunted till 50 posts but I'm sure I've got more...

    And my B-Day is:

    15th September
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    I just counted them i had more than 50 My b-day is on the 22nd Of August (two people have the same b-day as me lol)

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    29th augest!!!!

    I thinks im the yuongest in my year!!!! no body has the same b'day as far as i read!

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