S'up ladies

I am loving this game and am very eager to see it do well once it's out - unfortunately, I have very few contacts that
a) play the game
and b) want to go forward with it in any kind of serious manner.

So I thought I'd look for a team here.

To my person:
I'm 25 years old and live in Germany. I have been playing most of my adolencent years in the ESL SC:Chaos Theory ladder and later in the ETF2L as a main Scout.

As far as Nosgoth goes:
I have 3d17h56m of ingame play time (150h on Steam) with a 54% win/loss ratio and 4849 kills to 4550 deaths.
My favorite classes are Scout (Warbow/Trap), Alchemist (Heal or Fire) and Sentinel (Abduct/Takeoff).
I am also quite competent with Reaver, Deceiver and Prophet, but seriously - Hunter and Tyrant

I'm looking for a Team (18+), English or German speaking, with some experience in both Nosgoth and eSport if possible.

You can find me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dawolv/