Thread: Kidnap OP? or Ok

Kidnap OP? or Ok

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    Kidnap OP? or Ok

    Whats your opinion on the kidnap? I thought it was fine until I realized it was still taking off a significant amount of damage even when the drop was small, literally double that drop wouldn't take off half as much dmg if made by yourself. Then theres the big drops, taking off somewhere in excess of 500 damage if pulled off, thoughts? some how I dont see a fall hurting me the same as a tyrant landing right on me with jump, my main problem is even when the sentinal fails at getting high this tiny drop still does a good amount of damage, id like to see it more as a team isolation tactic first, then the bonus of good fall damage if "high" enough, Anyone else any thoughts?

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    i think its fine where it is, there is quite a risk with using it (well not if your careful) and you dont get the damage you get from abduct, keep in mind it has to have balance against other RMBs from other classes
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    Kidnap is a very risk/reward skill. If you get a great pickup and reach maximum fall height then you have maximized its potential. Kidnap also allows you to further separate a target from the enemy team due to the length of the ability duration which means if you get a good pickup with a team that's paying attention then you can essentially erase a human from the map. I prefer abduct over kidnap because of the guaranteed damage I will do to the target which will help my team overall.

    Abduct = guaranteed damage
    Kidnap = possibility of high damage + greater isolation

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    If you are being carried off for the full duration of kidnap your team has let you down in a big way. To me this is exactly the same as a team watching a reaver leap on you and scratch your face off for the full dot damage. Should not be allowed to happen. 1-2 shots from a couple of people and the sentinel will drop you, its not hard.

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    It's not OP at all, but the inferior of the two skills ... its risk is much higher when playing humans with good aim.

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    Haven't tested the fall damage provided by [Kidnap] when not too far off the ground, but I don't think that the numbers will be much higher compared to [Abduct]. To answer your question though - [Kidnap] is definitely not over powered.

    It's just so far the total [Abduct] damage (DoT + fall damage) seem to be in about 400-450 range (as it normally takes [Puncture] and 1 to 1.5 hits to finish off a target). I'm sure I've hit upward of 500 with [Abduct] too when snatching a target from a high spot so I think their damage is somewhat similar and the difference between the skills is just in how they work.

    That being said I will play test both [Abduct] and [Kidnap] to try and spot the difference in fall damage when not too far off the ground as the point you're trying to make is about increased fall damage of [Kidnap].

    P.S.: Some people owe you a thank you if many Sentinel players will pick up this thread and test it out for science. A few lives might get spared as a result of the experiments!

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