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FFXIV - Upgrade, Legacy and More

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    From what I have read, you can use the original product registration code in your account management > select a service > FFXIV when the game actually launches. For now, it says product registration is unavailable.

    This is all hearsay though. It seems a little silly you cannot download the game ahead of time. Purchasers of 1.0 are being punished, really. If I hadn't supported them by buying the game early on, I would have been in most players shoes that simply pre-ordered it and would be in early access.

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    apparently 1.0 did not get early access. You cant play until launch unless you preorder and get a code.

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    original FFXIV purchase, now what?

    I bought the original FFXIV collectors edition and "had" it associated with this account. I thought the original purchase was still good for ARR, and if so I'm not able to enter in the keycode per the 18 key code because this one is 20.

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    As a previous player of FFXIV and a legacy member, I simply logged in and started playing. No code to redeem no hoops. Though I did have to do a google search to find the game client.

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    Question Question regarding Original FFXIV owner moving over to ARR

    I originally purchased FFXIV from GAMESTOP as a digital download and had to play through their app. My concern is when I tried registering the product key I was given from GAMESTOP it does not fit either of the 2 formats that ARR requires. Will I just be able to download and play when the game releases on the 27th? Or is something wrong with their digitcal copies that I won't be able to play? Thanks in advance for any response.

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    This was not the case for me and several of my friends!

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    same here

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    What Just Happened? I need help!

    I haven't been on SquareEnix sense December and sense I'm now getting a proper computer to play my FFXIV on (I got the Special Edition when FFXIV first came out) and I wanted to know where to go to re-add my FFXIV payment information at sense the website obviously changed.

    some other info: I am a Legacy member as well as having the SE pre-order box when it first came out so I can get the special Minion thing but It said I registered today even though I've been a SquareEnix Member for awhile now. So I'm worried if I'm still eligible to receive my special chocobo mount and special bonuses for being a Legacy Member.
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    I am calling bull on you ZankokuRyu

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    1.0 owners will not be able to play until after early access, unless you paid a subscription for three months after the original boxed month. Thats what makes you a legacy player, not just owning the original game

    We will not be able to play until we input payment method for a subscription on the Mog station, which will not be up until the 27th.

    Thats why if you log in it redirects you to a another page.

    Basically, you wont play until they have your credit card info.

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    any info?

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    No Code for 1.0 Players?

    So I recently Decided to try out the Beta (Phase 4) with the code I was given.

    Was this all owning 1.0 Gets us?.

    I fully expected to receive a Pre-order code (Considering I own the game already) and yet nothing.

    In fact It doesn't even show in My Profile as having FFXIV - Just FF7.

    Anyone else have the same issue?

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    Was this all owning 1.0 Gets us?.
    SE has decided to pick and choose their Legacy players based on subscription fees. They have disregarded the initial purchase of FFXIV 1.0 as making us Legacy players. So Far i have over $100 USD involved in this game and apparently that is not enough for SE to honor their first mistake.

    We dont get early access unless we paid sub fees for 3 months. Which is ridiculous, because the 1.0 launch was terrible and everyone quit the game within days. True story.

    We wont be able to play until we enter our credit card info for a recurring sub on the mogstation, which is not open until the 27th.

    My profile does not show the 1.0 edition either. I now own 2 copies of FFVII, one i bought from steam and the other appeared a few days ago. I have no clue why my info was replaced. I know for a fact that i had only two games thru them and one was FFXIV 1.0 and FFVII

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    I have FF:XIV But! i dont know how to get the free realm reborn copy?

    Can you guys help me with a link, or something. I've made tickets and things but none have been answered i want to start playing this game but you just wont let me...

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    That's all fine and dandy with me, dissapointed I don't get early access but with the type of response of the server statuses I probably would give it a week or 2 before I play anyways. I just don't see any thing associated with my account which is worrying me.

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    If you go to this link and log in you can review your account info.

    My game is shown there as registered from Sept 2010, but it has disappeared from the new SE profile.

    once your there:

    Select service

    Select FFXIV

    Note that it says in small red letters "code registration currently unavailable"

    Also make sure you have a registered payment method. It wont help you get in until launch but it is a required step before they will let you sign on. I'm not sure, but i dont think we will be charged until after our 15 free days.

    if you want to see what games are registered:

    Select "Confirm Account Status"

    Select "Display"

    This will show you your past account registrations. If you are a 1.0 player it shows your 2010 registration and it will show when you beta registered the 2.0 version.

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    Really? After 1.0 we get this garbage? I paid to be told I cant log in?

    So I get that 1.0 was a dismal failure, I mean, square hasn't really done a good final fantasy since when?

    Like a bunch of my friends, I bought this game hoping it was better. Like quick a few of them I was appalled at how ineffectively Square has handled and "quashed" bugs. I quote quashed because they keep coming back and obviously someone in tech support is sitting on his derrier.

    Why am i so irritated and writing an angry little rant? Well, I went to bed 10 hours ago with world server bugs. Half a day gone by, not only is there no patch notes, there nothing from square addressing these problems and 10 hours later I still cannot log in.

    I am very very close to asking for my money back. This is bull, especially since Japanese servers are running fine, but Square decided to defecate all over its NA/EU playerbase.

    Not a happy consumer, and definitely don't take back anything I've said about square~

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    Originally Posted by Novastarone
    square hasn't really done a good final fantasy since when?
    I don't care what people want to debate over but that is one subject i'm not touching.

    I once told my wifes sister I like FFXII and for 4 months after that, whenever we went to visit, she made me stay out in the car.

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    Where can i DL the game ?

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    Rolleyes what happens to my old ff14? Throw $60 in trash can?

    i was told i can redeem my old ff14 code. now the codes are either of the two. which isnt any. anybody that knows what's going on can tell me the short story?

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    The servers sucka and the People behind them have no clue what they are doing , you wont be able to play anyway so it don't matter. THeir servers hold like 1000 people if that and that is all of them combined, Refunds incoming for another fail grats on producing a fail 2X.

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    I'm not whining, but...

    I bought the game originally and kinda feel like anyone who did, especially someone who had crysta sitting waiting should be in early. I didn't play the legacy thing cause I wasn't particularly happy with the game. I hear a few weren't. A case could be made that I had a pre order right? Anyway, they make the rules. It would be nice if there was a way for me to buy my way in to a preorder without buying the game. Not that it seems to matter. really. Wonder what went wrong between Phase 3 and 4 to cause all this. Wonder why no one though a que system should be longer.

    It's nice to be excited about a game. Think I'll take off work on Wednesday. Somehow I doubt this will still be working on Tuesday.

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    New FF14 Player, Old Code Help!

    Hello all,

    So a while back I purchased a boxed version of the original Final Fantasy 14. Unfortunately, this was just after they closed registration and I was unable to redeem it. I'd like to be able to play ARR so I was wondering if I can use my old, unused code to create an account for ARR? I haven't found any place on their site where I can input the code and all for um answers I've seen have not been clear.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

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    I'm in the same boat. I know the old codes are supposed to work, but I guess how is the question.

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    You're probably dealing with high registration volume. As we speak right now tons of people are trying to redeem their codes. It probably won't work right until later in the week.

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