Thread: Horrible ending (warning spoilers)

Horrible ending (warning spoilers)

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    Horrible ending (warning spoilers)

    This game's ending was horrible. All the ending does is show royalty free stock footage you can buy off various websites. I role played a ruthless Adamn Jensen and none of the endings were ruthless. Adam is just a little * in the end. No wonder Megan just ran off.

    This is not a troll. Hopefully the next Dues Ex game does not use royalty free stock footage that you can just buy off a website for $4.95.

    If the player is a ruthless killer up to the ending of the game, show an ending that reflects how ruthless Adam was. Also give us the option to get the girl in the end, like the simple plot in most major movies.

    I just want to add that Sarif & Taggart should've had objective way points over their heads at the end of the game, since they were secondary objectives. This would prevent friendly fire. There are zombies everywhere, it's easy to mistake sarif and his people as a roomful of enemies.
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