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Thread: NGLE Installation Error

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    Exclamation NGLE Installation Error


    I installed Windows 10 recently and the editor stopped working on me. I got rid of all of the editor stuff and started from square one. TRLE installs perfectly fine but when I hit the big green install button for NGLE, I get this error;

    Run-time error '53':
    File not found

    Does anyone now what this means?? I think it has to do with me using Windows 10 but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks for any help


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    I got that same error and it means nothing. NGLE should still run just fine. I got this same error, exited the installer, found the folder of files, and launched the editor straight from the folder of files with no problem. Unless you are running Windows XP, you should receive that error otherwise I've heard that means you installed something wrong. So you are good to go
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