In short version:
First day of playing in Hitman Absolution was ok, at second day game started freezing at random place - no matter what I do or where I am. I was trying only at hotel map (3rd map). When game freezes keyboard going off, so I have to reset PC. I checked - at another map same things happen.
I use (freshly formated) Win7 64bit, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560, 8GB RAM.
I verified local game's files 3 times (first time something was wrong, 2. and 3. was good)
Drivers are OK (tested them, no BSOD)
mdmp files was created in game folder. Here is link to these files: http://wklej.to/ZSwrZ
Yesterday at night there were created mdmp files (as above). Today I have same problem, but in game folder aren't created mdmp files, but something like that: HMA.exe.[4 numbers].STEAMSTART - link to those files: http://wklej.to/ndNcT

What have I to do? What is difference between creating mdmp file and steamstart?