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Thread: Your Favourite Clan/Class/Faction

Your Favourite Clan/Class/Faction

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    Originally Posted by Varulven
    Being on the other side of the majority isn't always the right or best way, Heretic.
    And I don't like those little beasty spiders because other people do.
    Most of you guys like the Turelim for their streght and brute behaviour... well.... I don't ^^
    I like the Turelim for Turel's character design - both the original SR concept that never was (which is very Tyrant-esque in its steroid musculature, for the critics) and his eventual Defiance reveal.

    @Heretic: You're not a moron. Just...Well, grating. All kinds of endless diatribes about "honor" as if you were some high samurai, followed by veering off into personal tales of how you took on some bully mob single-handed or aided a distressed damsel or other such ego-inflating dreck. We get it, you're a super-honorable tough guy. Give it a rest.

    It just sounds pretentious after a point and that point is reached very quickly. Plus you oversimplify the idea of 'honesty' a fair bit, if not outright get it wrong.

    Also, just some stray observations:

    - The only thing to suggest that Vorador's brides are some sort of coerced playthings is Kain's own speculation - and you shouldn't be trusting that given your own railings against his type. Vorador's mansion is a miniature fiefdom if anything. They serve him because he is powerful, and he uses that power to insure them protection and food.

    - Kain's ego is deserved. He's among the most knowledgeable entities in existence and Nosgoth's potential savior.

    - "I preffer Sarafan not because they are strong, but because even if they are homicidal maniacs they are honest about it. They don`t need repeaters, and naphta. They just grab wathever sharp piece of steel is lying about..."

    ...Okay, you know how I mentioned you getting it wrong? That. Right there. The idea that "sharp pieces of steel" are in any way more honest than more advanced weapons. That's complete BS. Does the repeater magically cause the Ironguard to lie more often than the guy fighting with a pointy metal stick?

    You think the Sarafan wouldn't have used naphta if they'd had the alchemical know-how to mass produce it?
    You think they wouldn't have opted for rapid-fire crossbows if the technology were there?
    There's no honesty in their weapon choice. Just necessity.

    And, second point: The Sarafan aren't honest about that. They don't call themselves homicidal maniacs. Theirs is a "righteous cause", a "holy order", ordained by the gods. The Sarafan are basically the organized religion of Nosgoth, crazed sadists justifying their appetites with holy rhetoric, and you can't get more dishonest than that.

    The Sarafan are vicious sadists with an unbridled bloodlust. The honor, the honest path, the noble image - that's the lie they sell to the unwashed masses. Did you not play through Soul Reaver 2? They covertly stalk Raziel to Janos' retreat, get the jump on him, pin him down and tear his heart out. Then they keep it as a trophy. Stalking, surprise attacks, forced control of the enemy's body (pinning/restraint), unnecessary sadistic flaunting...

    The Zephonim use all of the same tactics as the Sarafan.
    Stalking? Disguise and Shroud.
    Surprise attacks? Backstab, anything coming out of Disguise.
    Forced body control? Dominate Mind.
    Unnecessary sadistic flaunting? Their execution method.

    The Sarafan you root for is propaganda.
    The actual Sarafan are as bad, maybe worse (the Zephonim don't put up any high holy facade, at least), than the Zephonim you hate.
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    The Sarafan are like the Spanish Inquisition, except that they are very much expected.
    "If events are matched closely enough to course, they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes." ~ Scorpius, Farscape

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    Originally Posted by Ygdrasel
    The Sarafan you root for is propaganda.
    The actual Sarafan are as bad, maybe worse (the Zephonim don't put up any high holy facade, at least), than the Zephonim you hate.
    At the end the Zephonim are more honest than the Sarafan.
    I could not have say it in better words, thank you.
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    So i am bad person, who roots for hypocrites. Fine. Fair enough- true Raziel and co are aware of... well. Raziel going to Janos stronghold, but "common" knights weren`t- the did try to stop him. Not to mention- Spanish Inquisition and Sarafan are like all other religious sects- top ones know what is thier true goal- money and power, but foot soliders do belive- if not, they wouldn`t have gather so much followers and wealth.
    And vampires can be honest, but after all they are unnatural abominations

    I read post about new human class, Scourge. I think i find thier back story appealing to me more than i thought i would. Maybe, just maybe, Ironguard will have competition in my heart. While i find idea of going Van Helsing on vampire really appealing. Somehow being a monster(thier manetality) in order to defeat a monster is something close to my way of thinking- i am kind of person who likes to go not even "eye for an eye", but more of a "whole head for an eye".
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