What is Champ Man?

Champ Man is a free smartphone and tablet release from the makers of Championship Manager and is available on iOS and Android devices now!

Updated periodically with new data from the real world of football and designed in classic Championship Manager style, Champ Man gives you the opportunity to manage any one of 400 real clubs from 23 leagues across the world in a realistic season-by-season football management challenge that reflects all the emotions, tension and glory of being a real football manager.

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Where can I get the latest Champ Man?

Champ Man 16:
Android: http://bit.ly/CM16Android
iOS: http://bit.ly/CM16iOS

Championship Manager All Stars:
Android: http://bit.ly/CMAll-Stars-Android
iOS: http://bit.ly/CMAll-Stars-iOS

You can find older Championship Manager games, such as CM 2007, 2008 and 2010 on the Square Enix Store.

I would like to suggest a feature or league for Champ Man!

Please make any feature requests in the dedicated forum thread.

What's new in Champ Man 16?

  • Updated transfers as of the end of the September 2015 transfer window
  • Job Offers
    • You can now switch from one team to another mid-playthrough and continue your career at another club. Jobs can be offered to you from other clubs or you can try to interview for manager openings in the job listings board.
  • Single playthrough extended to 20 Season
    • Previously, in Champ Man 15, playthroughs were limited to 12 seasons. We have extended these in Champ Man 16.
  • Transfer Logic rewritten
    • AI teams will show an increased interest in your team's players and free agents. This also means that you may have to be more competitive when going after transfer listed players on the market
  • New leagues: Australia and Singapore
  • New South American and Asian Champions Cups
    • You can qualify for the American Champions Cup by managing a Brazilian or Argentinian team and for the Asian Champions Cup by managing a Saudi Arabian, Australian or Singaporean team.
      • The top teams that participate against you in the Champions Cups have also been added but you cannot manage them (as the rest of their leagues are not in the game)
  • Updated match Engine and Visuals
    • The ball position for dribbles, passes, shots, tackles, interceptions and saves is now indicated on screen
    • Half and Full Time shot position summaries
    • Improved logic for one-on-one chances, rebounds and shots from a distance
  • The Youth Academy will now produce youth players earlier and more frequently
  • In game missions system gives you objectives to complete in return for rewards
  • Currency localisations, so you can now pay in your local currency
  • Bug fixes

Why is Player X better rated than Player Y?

The player overall rating is a good guide to player ability, but it is a summary of all relevant attributes, and does always indicate how well certain players stack up against one another. We always recommend you check the individual attributes of a player to judge whether they’re what you want to sign and whether they’re suited to the position you’ve put them in.

Certain (particularly young) players may also have lower than expected stats, but have a large 'potential' (hidden) attribute, meaning that they can improve immensely over time.

Who should I sign?!

Here are three of the Champ Man teams young favourites from our own playthroughs:
  • Olivier Ntcham (Man City, loaned to Genoa). All round midfielder. Performs much better than his profile suggests.
  • Hector Bellerin (Arsenal first team right back, holds the informal sprint record for the club)
  • Ezequiel Ponce (just joined Roma, already good reputation as a finisher from Argentine league)