So recently there was news about Kingdom Hearts 3 being switched to Unreal Engine 4. This is great! I have used the demo of UE4 and it was fantastic! Now the real problem, it needs to be brought to PC!

The KH series has brought me so much joy! From the PS2 days to emulating all the Final Mix versions on my PC, its just such a great series. I now want to play the newest Kingdom Hearts but was not surprised when they said there was no PC version. I refuse to purchase any new console for more then one reason so I am here saying this:

We need to have Kingdom Hearts 3 available on Steam or hard copy (which ever they want, I DONT CARE!) !!!

Now this can be done if we push for it! Write on this forum, send them emails, heck if you can make calls !
Here is a petition i found that has a pretty ok start, but we can make it better, lets go!