Thread: Parasite eve remaster/remake petition.

Parasite eve remaster/remake petition.

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    Parasite eve remaster/remake petition.

    Let square know you want parasite eve! I move for a remaster/remake of parasite eve 1 and 2. Who's with me?!

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    Waiting for that to happen for I don't know how many years... PE2 it's in my top 10 games of all times across all platforms. Maybe even in top 3.

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    Good evening, i have a question.
    How contact any game developer of Square Enix for ask about a re-edition of the first and second issue of "Parasite Eve" for actual consoles like Ps4, Xbox, etc, or a new third edition but using the same game modalities of them ?

    The "3rd Birthday" is very different, it have the same game modalities of the current games like God Of War or The Witcher 3.

    Why not do it ?

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    Petition for ParasiteEve4 for PS4 - [Mitochondrial Reborn] I'm working hard on a petition to convince software house Square Enix to return to work on this saga and to create a Parasite Eve 4. The petition will be in english, but also in italian, spanish, french and german, in order to maximize the efficiency of the petition. Tumblr blog, facebook page and twitter page(it will allow to obtain "signatures" via retwitts of fan of the petition at Square Enix) will born soon. I also talk about this project with major italian sites of Square Enix information and with many other facebook pages/groups of the saga and many of them gave me support. Spread the word as more as you can!!!!

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    I would absolutely love a remake of the franchise. Wish more fans would actively voice their love of PE.

    Please at least test the waters SQUARE and port the original to the ps4 ......add a platinum trophy to go with it.

    I have so much hope for the possibility of a remake please SQUARE!

    If you are a fan of PE and you made your way to this page please post and let SQUARE know your love for the franchise.

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    Please make it happen I love Parasite Eve this game is highly under rated and needs the remake/remaster treatment. Would gladly spend big bucks on a limited/collectors edition if the game ever gets announced!

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    Hi, petition for Parasite Eve 4 on PS4 is born. if you are interested you can go to twitter page, petition page and facebook page. You may sign it via petition in and retweeting its tweet here More retweets, than more signs. New email is
    If this petition will be saw by Square probably they will made remastered of the saga. So, help us and spread the world! The petition is also in Japan in order to be more efficient!

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