Thread: CrossFire & 21:9 Support (PC)

CrossFire & 21:9 Support (PC)

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    CrossFire & 21:9 Support (PC)

    Will there be any support for these features?

    I know Eidos Montreal has partnered w/ AMD, so I know there will be TressFX support and optimization for AMD hardware. But has there been any word on CrossFire support? I imagine there will be, even if the game does not launch w/ it.

    What about support for 21:9 aspect ratio? I currently have my PC hooked up to an aging TV that I would like to replace w/ an ultrawide 1440p monitor. The thing is, I know that not all games support 21:9. I would hate to fire up MD on my shiny monitor and see black bars, because MD only supports 16:9.

    Does anyone know anything? I apologize if these things have already been discussed, but I haven't been able to find anything myself.

    There was something else I was wondering would be supported in the PC version, but I can't remember what it is. What else might a PC player like to see the game support?
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