Hey guys, long time lurker on the forums.

Many of us have played FFVIII multiple times over the years - but it's truly fun to share that like we did when the game first came out on PlayStation and later on PC. And if you have some friends that want to play but never have - I wanted to share something we have put together that may help them get that feeling. It's called the Backlog Club and the first game up on our list? That's right - Final Fantasy VIII!

Anyone is welcome and while I'll add a link to our forum post with the details, you're not at all mandatory to join there. We're also going to be using our Teamspeak server weekly to have a "meeting" where we can share details, thoughts and help cover anything that someone may have missed in the gameplay. We're starting October 3rd and running the entire month so would gladly welcome those who want to join!

Link with all the details: http://thegametechnician.com/forum/s...ead.php?tid=51

Thank you in advance for your time.