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4 Tyrant games

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    4 Tyrant games

    I've only seen a few, but as I experienced it was laughably onesided. The humans couldn't do anything, the cc lock, and the sheer aoe damage wrecked the team. Only if 2 of four hits you with aoe, you are most likely going down, without much chance to react. Spreading out does not really work, for in 1v1 mostly the tyrants win (1 clip with around 60% hit ratio just isn't enough to take one down, not counting that it is unlikely for you to be hit only by one tyrant's abilities, so you start at about 60% hp at most) grouping up is a tragedy, instadeath for everyone. If anyone has any ideas about the subject, feel free to share it. Team compositions, tactics, weapons, skills, perks... anything. But please take into consideration that in most games you get matched with 3 stranger who are in best case, not totally noobs.

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    This might help you:

    These are guides that explain how to counter certain classes. You can also use these tips for dealing with class spams like 4 tyrants.

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    I generally have the feeling that stacking works pretty well in this game. 4 Reavers is really annoying, because of all the bombs, 4 Sents is annoying, because you cannot kill them all at once and the team will be scattered and so on...

    But I think it's a matter of teamplay / adapting to the situation.
    So if the enemy team is stacked, the best bet in my opinion is to stack the counter part of their class (4 prophets (or just zero alchs ) vs. 4 sents for example).

    But in your example basically everything should work vs. 4 tyrants - They can be hit pretty easily ^^'

    The default tactic for every human team: spread as much as possible, but keep a line of sight with everyone, so everyone can support the other without being hit by AoE.
    Also many human classes can compete 1vs1 versus a tyrant (whip/bola, disabling shot, trap+knifes) - especially because a tyrant cannot sneak up on you as easy.

    And IF they time their attack it means that they play as a team - every class combination that plays as a team will win vs. random people that don't.

    Great now i really want to try all the vamp stacks and see how they perform in public

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    Originally Posted by Trebron55
    I've only seen a few, but as I experienced it was laughably onesided.
    I agree with this, except that it is laughably one-sided for the humans. ^_^

    Everything about the Tyrant is easily shut down. The two options for special abilities can easily be heard and dodged or just flat out canceled with ease, the pathetic melee attacks are a joke and not only are they hard to land but they are also very easy to dodge, he's slow, his hit box is huge, and just so many more bad things about him.
    However, to people new to the game that don't know sound cues (which are one of the most important things you can learn), what to use to cancel their abilities, how to aim well, how to dodge, how to position and watch your teammates, then the Tyrant can seem good. He's not good, at all, perhaps the worst Vampire class (maybe tied with Sentinel?) once you are descent at the game.
    Things like his slow and terrible hitbox melee attacks don't factor in for a new player who doesn't know how to dodge. To an unexperienced player, a Reaver's melee and a Tyrants melee are the same thing, which is very laughable. A Reaver's melee is very hard to dodge, while a Tyrant's is very easy, but if you don't have the experience to dodge an attack in a fight then you end up thinking the Tyrant is OP! He's just one of those classes that seems like the best when you start out, but quickly becomes the worst when the humans know his tricks.
    Don't even get me started on four Tyrants though, that's just a terrible team composition. Might work in the new recruit lobbies (honestly anything works there, because most just haven't had the experience to learn human team-play), but no where else.

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    Someone can't use Tyrant correctly

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    I think that it's kind of ridiculous, yes. Having four of the same class is... well, troublesome in its own right, but honestly I just think of one side going full Tyrant, and then I think of the other either going full Alchemist (with all that georgeous AoE and Zone control)

    Or, you know. Four Scouts. With War bows. And Arrow Volley.
    Once again, it just boils down to good teamwork.

    I'M NOT SAYING YOU'RE WRONG, because I can picture constant Tyrant AoE and it just... ick. but there IS a way to beat it.

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