Thread: Questions in regards to Reeve Tuesti

Questions in regards to Reeve Tuesti

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    Questions in regards to Reeve Tuesti

    Prior to releasing my newest installment sub-chapters of my fan fiction FF7 Catching the Drift. I would like to know other's research into Reeve Tuesti.

    Who can provide me with a reasonable timeline of Reeve's involvement, building up to the Shinra Electrical Power Company? Not to exclude personal beliefs and actual facts. ( Maybe even influence of Jenova )

    I've completed my own hypothesis on the matter. Looking for someone to sway my personal notion on the subject presented.

    Does anyone know who the man is inside the Honey Bee In?

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    Reeve was born in the countryside in [μ] - εγλ 1972 to Ruvie Tuesti and her husband. As a child, one of his favourite books was monster encyclopedia. The rest can be found in this timeline.

    At the time of Crisis Core, November [ μ ] - εγλ 2000, he had already been appointed Director of City Planning.

    The couple in Honeybee Inn are not Reeve's parents. He had already moved his mother (presumably after his father passed away) to the executive housing area in Midgar's Sector 5 by the time of Final Fantasy VII. However, at the time the original game was made, it may have been intended as a reference to Reeve.
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