Thread: ALT+TAB issue and Friend invite

ALT+TAB issue and Friend invite

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    ALT+TAB issue and Friend invite

    I play Nosgoth in FullScreen and if i'm not in the game( alt+tabed for skype or browser) sometimes when i get back in the game and there is a switch TEAM - i stuck on previous class and don't have any button to switch team or start the match. Happened twice for me.
    The second Dumb thing, that i've invited my friend to come into Nosgoth and the whole day we didn't manage to play as a TEAM , invite button is Broken. I've searched for threads on steam and found about 10-15 of them telling that friendinvite is not fixed yet.

    So i have few suggestion for future patches:
    1. Swith team button
    2. Fixed friend invite and matchmaking
    3. Steam friend invite feature(shift+tab => invite to a Game)

    P.S. Almost forgot - yesterday we joined some broken lobby that can't start the game , waited there for 5 minutes or so, every time when " Game is starting " nothing happen and starts matchrestart , the timer goes back to 60 and every time when it run out the game trying to start the new map but unfortunately we stay in a lobby

    Hope u add some game mode too .

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    Screw new modes dude ! I got about 150h of playtime and havnt played a singel minute of siege. Whats important at the moment is : FIXING; FIXING AND FIXING. Especally the party system needs to get back. Also all these lobby bugs must be dealt with

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