Thread: Theatre Rythm Song Request List!

Theatre Rythm Song Request List!

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    Theatre Rythm Song Request List!

    Hi everyone,

    First off I want to say that I think the people responsible for creating FF TR did a great job. It's an awesome game and I know it must have been hard narrowing down the song selection considering the great amount of tracks available and limited space on the cartridge.

    With that said, there were a few omissions that I hope get added in soon! (These may be coming soon in DLC but I checked the list and did not see them)

    FF 7 : Mining Town
    Turks Theme
    Wall Street Theme

    FF X : Besaid Island (PLEASE OH PLEASE INCLUDE THIS Probably the one I want to hear most)

    FFXI : Rolanberry Fields (YES PLEASE IT's SO GOOD)
    Yuhtunga Jungle

    Does anyone else have any songs they would like to play?

    Thank you SE and thanks everyone for reading,

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    FF X : Besaid Island - Good call.

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    Something that I would like to see as DLC is:
    Final Fantasy IX: Black Mage Village
    (and maybe Conde Petie if they're feeling nice)

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    I want more song from mystic quest like : the dark king and doom castle . It was a good game whatever people can say about it, it remind me great memory of my childhood and all the music was awesome