Thread: Quantum Conundrum PS3 screen tearing issues fixed?

Quantum Conundrum PS3 screen tearing issues fixed?

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    I played the demos for this great game on 360 and PS3, I like the PS3 controller better for this game.
    But the PS3 version has terrible screen tearing issues. If I look to the right or left the graphics just break apart in long strips before coming back together.
    Has there been a fix/patch issued for this problem? Thanks for any help.

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    Could someone give me a comment or some type of recognition about this problem? Was it a problem specific to the PS3 demo? Has it been remedied, or is it just going to be left? If it's a problem in the full PS3 version, is it going to be dealt with? I want it on PS3 because the controller feels better, but if this problem isn't going away, I'll have to get it on 360.


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    Probably irrelevant to reply to this post after nearly 12 months but I thought i would since I got this game free with the PS+ subscription and didn't experience no screen tearing issues.

    I have found that sometimes this can be TV specific though, I found Resident Evil 5 had tearing on my 40" TV at 1080p but no problems at 1080i on 21" TV.